Manage your distribution end-to-end with SHOPLINE

Handling the ins and outs of your distributor network is made easy with SHOPLINE's distributor management solution

SHOPLINE helps sellers acquire, contact, and manage distributors quickly and efficiently.

Acquire and manage distributors quickly and efficiently

  • Create tailored landing pages to communicate with your B2B distributors

  • Easily monitor your distributor network with smart management tools

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Customise commission schemes

  • Set up tiered commission schemes for different sets of distributors

  • Align distributor management with business objectives with different settings for different distributors

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SHOPLINE supports the seller to adjust the distribution management rules according to the business objectives of the store, with different Settings for different distributors.
SHOPLINE has a powerful automated commission calculation tool that helps sellers simplify the math. In addition, the offer code set by the seller can automatically provide accurate discount calculation for the specified item.

Take charge of your distributor promotions

  • Customise distributor promotion settings in line with your business strategy

  • Automate the disbursement of commissions when shoppers make payments

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Gain valuable insights into your distributor landscape with our robust analysis dashboard

  • Get a top-down overview of your distribution network

  • Precisely record each distributor sale and commission

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SHOPLINE has powerful data analysis Kanban, which can help sellers to comprehensively understand the specific sales, order volume and commission of distributors.

Take the leap into the future with omnichannel commerce

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