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A female e-commerce seller of Asian descent with long brown hair and wearing a dark blue floral dress holds a pen and discusses it with her colleagues. The SHOPLINE platform helps e-commerce sellers manage their stores more efficiently and achieves the goal of expanding furniture sales.

Have multiple store with one SHOPLINE account

Open multiple stores with your SHOPLINE account and manage under one account. Perfect if you have a backup store, migrating to SHOPLINE from another e-commerce platform or become a multi-store merchant.

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In the case of store migration, SHOPLINE allows sellers to open multiple stores under the same account and helps sellers to manage them efficiently.
 The SHOPLINE dashboard feature assists sellers in viewing all the different store data, including sales, percentage growth, views, orders and conversions.

Multi-store data

Review all your store data with the dashboard that covers total sales and order volume, providing you with more intuitive data for your entire business, and controlling store abnormalities in a timely manner.

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Multi-Store Billing

Centralise and manage multi-store bills to pay multi-store package subscriptions and commission so you don’t have to pay separately.

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SHOPLINE's Order Management module helps John Doe sellers centralize billing for different stores and enables unified payment of package subscription fees and commissions.

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