Automate your business workflow with SHOPLINE

SHOPLINE's use of pre-built automated templates avoids the tedious integration of third-party APIs and helps sellers save time and money. A female seller with curly blonde hair smiles happily at the increase in sales.

Save time and money with pre-built automation templates

  • Choose from a wide variety of robust automation templates that can be run in just 3 clicks

  • Avoid the hassle of troublesome third-party API integrations

Reduce errors and boost productivity in your marketing processes

  • Smart AI Chatbots with preset answers mean that basic or frequently-asked queries can be automatically resolved

  • Emails can be automatically triggered by customer actions for timely and relevant outreach efforts

SHOPLINE's intelligent AI chatbot helps customers with common basic questions. In addition, this feature will help e-commerce sellers automatically trigger emails after an order is completed.
A shopkeeper in a plaid shirt deepens his understanding of automated workflows with a performance report generated by the SHOPLINE automation module on his computer. The content includes the receipt of emails from the time the user views the product page to the completion of the order.

Gain in-depth insights of your automation strategy

Make sense of your automation workflow with detailed performance reports

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