SHOPLINE takes the friction out of every checkout from your first order and beyond

Process customer checkouts at warp speed with our one-click checkout that is engineered to be fast, safe and hassle-free while maximising conversion.


Avoid cart abandonment with an intuitive checkout experience that is quick and hassle-free

SHOPLINE offers user-friendly checkouts that are fast and easy to use - customise your checkout to meet your customers' needs while optimising for performance.

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Unlock your business potential by offering the best converting payment gateways

Integrate popular local and global e-wallets and payment methods into your store's checkout so your customers can choose their favourite providers.

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Shield yourself from risk with sophisticated security and fraud control capabilities

Safeguard your payments process with PCI and 3D checkouts paired with secure local payment gateways - this helps to minimise fraudulent transactions and adjust risk levels. Additionally, protect your business and your customers with freight insurance.

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Power your business decision-making with enterprise-grade analytics

Make informed business decisions with professional cross-channel reports to get a full-funnel overview of your business and find missing links in the sales journey with real time multi-dimensional data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a one-page checkout?

A one-page checkout can make it simpler and more convenient for your customers to purchase on your store. With one-page checkout it reduces the clicks, fields to enter and is designed to be easier for customer to checkout.

2. How to set up a one-page checkout to reduce friction for customer to complete purchase?

Refer to our step-by-step guide to set up one-page checkout.

3. How does a one-page checkout benefit me?

A one-page checkout can help increase conversions by reducing shopping cart abandonment rates. By providing a simple and easy-to-use checkout process, you can improve the overall customer experience and encourage more sales.

4. What information should be included in a one-page checkout?

A one-page checkout should include all relevant information required to complete the purchase, such as billing and shipping information, payment options, order summary, and any applicable discounts or promo codes.

5. Can I customise my one-page checkout?

Yes, many e-commerce platforms allow for customization of the one-page checkout to match your brand and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers.

6. Will a one-page checkout work for all types of products and industries?

While a one-page checkout can be effective for most industries and products, it may not be suitable for businesses with complex purchasing processes or specialized product offerings that require additional information or steps to complete the transaction.

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