Supercharge your reach with Facebook and Instagram

Get your products in front of interested new customers and drive sales

SHOPLINE now allows sellers to sell items on Facebook and Instagram. The photo shows Facebook Shop selling highly moisturizing sunscreen and Instagram Shop selling beauty products.
Promote your products where customers serve the web with cost-effective Meta ad campaigns across multiple formats.
Synchronise your Facebook and Instagram shop with your SHOPLINE site and manage products, orders and inventory out of your SHOPLINE dashboard.
Get data and insights on your ad performance to maximise conversion and reach to optimise the return on your digital marketing efforts.
SHOPLINE provides product details to Facebook, simply update your products in the SHOPLINE store, and they will be automatically synced in the Facebook Feed

Fully integrated with the world's most used social media platform

Sync all your products onto Facebook and Instagram with just one click. All your prodcuts will be updated in real time for easier management.

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Automatically sync your products to Facebook and Instagram shops

Your SHOPLINE products automatically sync to Facebook and Instagram so you can easily create shoppable posts. This means you can sell your product where they shop and enable them to checkout without leaving these apps.

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After a customer leaves a comment in a post, the Facebook Store system will send a shopping cart link through Messenger for the customer to complete the checkout, depending on the item the merchant has set up in the chat. Such SHOPLINE post sales can increase customer interaction,
SHOPLINE connects to Facebook's live streaming function with one click. The live streaming room can not only support customer rating, unblocking live streaming products, complete order creation and other functions, but also enhance the interaction with consumers and maximize instant conversion.

Interact with viewers in real-time and attract prospects with live-shopping

Engage with your followers on Facebook and Instagram live-stream using this popular new video format. Complete orders automatically when viewers input keywords and entertain your viewers with gamification features.

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SHOPLINE enables fast account opening across multiple AD channels with Facebook, Google, TikTok and others, which support multiple AD types at once.

Facebook Advertising Data Reporting Assistant to get your cookies back

One click installation
  • Find the Facebook reporting assistant at the SHOPLINE app store and easily install with just a click of a button.

Do this in your sleep
  • After installing it into your SHOPLINE store, get right into it! No coding or settings needed.

Make correct and accurate decisions once again
  • Get real time data once again with full detail so you can once again make good optimisation decisons to scale your business.

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Leverage SHOPLINE's partnership with Meta

SHOPLINE is an official Meta Partner - our long-term and cooperative relationship means that we enjoy customer docking services and our merchants receive exclusive support from the Meta team.

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Seller can send back the effective order data of the store to the Facebook AD background to help the pitcher accurately evaluate the effect of the AD and refuse to throw blind shots

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do with Facebook and Instagram integration?

The Facebook and Instagram shop feature allows you to easily create a digital storefront that suits your needs. You can use Facebook and Instagram shop to engage customers and help them find products that match their needs.

2. How to set up Facebook and Instagram shop?

Refer to our step-by-step guide to set up Facebook and Instagram shop.

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