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Site speed is crucial for e-commerce success.

Why is your site speed crucial for e-commerce success?

  • Conversion increases proportionally with page loading speeds - according to data from Amazon, every 100 ms reduction in page load can increase conversion rates by 1%.

Simplify customer browsing by speeding up page navigation

  • The built-in prefetch function loads web pages that are likely to be requested in advance to reduce friction in the shopping journey and decrease bounce rates.

SHOPLINE can simplify customer browsing by speeding up page navigation.
SHOPLINE can optimise your website's underlying code to improve page ratings.

Optimise your website's underlying code to improve page ratings

  • Get your website Google search ready with the page optimisation feature so that your site ranks better on the most popular search engine.

Accelerate your page speeds in no time at all

  • Improve your page speed in under 30 seconds with just one click and no coding today.

  • SHOPLINE Booster is compatible with all SHOPLINE themes.

SHOPLINE can accelerate your page speeds in no time at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do with the Booster App?

The Booster tool helps you improve your online store's performance in search engines, giving you a competitive edge in the online marketplace. With easy setup and real-time results, the Page Booster App is the perfect solution for boosting your online store's visibility. 

2. How do I install the Booster SEO App?

You can install Booster from the SHOPLINE App Store. Click “Install” and authorize it to your store.

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