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Seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce website to share merchandise, inventory, marketing and customers
SHOPLINE POS provides your business with power.

Start selling everywhere

SHOPLINE lets you sell in-store, online or on Facebook and Instagram.
Start selling everywhere with SHOPLINE.
Check out fast on portable POS
Reduce queuing time with 3 seconds fast checkout
Sell in-person or online easily
Sell your products in retail or on your brand website, social media, messaging app and more
Cost effective solution
Increase operational efficiency at just a fraction of cost of traditional POS system
Robust payment tools
Support diverse payment methods to meet various payment needs
Accept secure in-person payments with
Shopline payments
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Easy inventory management

Precise product selection, inventory alert, forecast, and repurchase processes for multi-location.
Real-time inventory synchronization
Shared inventory stock across your retail shops and online stores to maximize every sales opportunities.
Timely inventory replenishment
Never lose a sale with smart inventory reordering alert.
Easy transfer stock across locations
Transfer your stock across multiple locations in real-time.
Mobile stockcount
Scan and count inventory against your records on your device.

Nurture loyal customers

Run your loyalty campaigns with automation designed for busy retailers
Create customer profiles
Capture contact details and transactions automatically for every customer.
Target top spenders
Retrieve customer’s past order and purchase history from database.
Re-engage past customers
Turn customer spending into reward points automatically.
Integrated loyalty programs
Offer your customers the convenience to utilize membership benefits in store and online.
SHOPLINE POS helps you nurture loyal customers.
SHOPLINE POS provides you with real-time analytics.

Real-time analytics

  • Generate sales & profit report
    Access real time sales analytics and store performance.
  • Identify top sellers
    Keep tabs on the products that contribute the most biggest to your revenue.
  • Track daily collections
    Perform daily cash tracking and stay on top of your money.
  • Reward top employees
    Attribute sales to staff and identify your next employee of the month.
Get started in 3 days
Our onboarding specialist will help you upload products and configure POS system to get your store up and running ASAP.
On site training
We provide onsite training for your staff to maximize sales with minimal effort. Get additional training via our online support center.
Support when it matters
Our merchant success team will answer your questions through livechat, phone and email to help you grow your sales.

Designed for retail businesses

Fashion & Apparel
Jewellery & Accessories
Sports & Outdoors
General Retail

One-Stop Retail Solutions

Real-time inventory synchronization
Real-time inventory synchronization
Provide your customers a seamless shopping experience across all channels, including in store, mobile, and online.
Buy Online, Pick-up in Store
Buy Online, Ship from Store
Buy in Store, Ship to Customer
Reserve in Store, Pick Up Later
Timely inventory replenishment
Timely inventory replenishment
Supercharge your inventory management and transform your business with our wallet-friendly system for all your store locations, minimising costs and maximising profits to propel your success to new heights!
Easy transfer stock across locations
Easy transfer stock across locations
Effortless GTO submission across major malls in Singapore and Malaysia - our comprehensive mall coverage means that you can expand your business with our GTO network of over 100 malls

Experience Seamless Sales with SHOPLINE's Cloud-Based Ecommerce POS System

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a cloud-based ecommerce POS system do?

SHOPLINE's cloud-based POS system is an all-in-one solution that combines software and hardware to enable your retail business to efficiently process customer purchases. Our ecommerce POS system lets you easily accept customer payments, monitor sales, and keep track of inventory for all your products. With our cloud pos for retail, you can streamline your operations and stay ahead of the competition.

2. What is the difference between SHOPLINE cloud-based ecommerce POS system and other POS?

SHOPLINE's cloud-based ecommerce POS system seamlessly integrates your online and physical stores, synchronising stock across all sales channels and empowering your omnichannel capabilities. Manage daily cashiering and inventory tasks with ease and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers with in-store pick-up, local delivery, home delivery, and email shopping carts. Our cloud pos for retail streamlines operations and boosts efficiency.

3. How do I know this is the ecommerce POS system for me?

Choosing the right POS system is crucial for your retail business. At SHOPLINE, we offer a cloud-based ecommerce POS system that is easy-to-use and specifically designed for your industry. Our solution allows you to sell wherever your customers are, whether online or offline, by seamlessly integrating your online and physical stores. When considering a POS system, don't hesitate to ask for a demo to experience first hand how our cloud pos for retail works and how it can benefit your business.

4. How much is SHOPLINE POS monthly fees?

It is only SGD$52 per location for POS LITE, enjoy 2 free months when you pay yearly!

POS LITE plan includes POS system, admin dashboard, store management, staff management, product management, inventory management, customer management, payment solution, omnichannel selling features, checkout, cloud reporting and data analytics

5. What is SHOPLINE cloud-based ecommerce POS system best for?

We offer free order processing, apps and ecommerce integrations, making it ideal for omnichannel businesses, or for those on a budget.

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