Everything you need to sell 'live' with SHOPLINE

Nurture your community through conversations on your social media pages with SHOPLINE’s all-in-one-platform that supports your livestream sales on Facebook and Instagram.

SHOPLINE enables you to promote and sell your products through multiple sales channels such as Facebook and Instagram, fostering your online community through interactions on your social media pages.
SHOPLINE offers a new way of selling on social media, enabling sellers to engage in interesting videos and conversations on the platform to make consumers a better customer experience.

A brand new way to sell on social media

Engage with buyers on platforms that they are familiar with, using an entertaining real-time video conversation format while making products easy to buy

Give your viewers a better customer experience by personalising your livestream selling interface and settings to meet your business’ specific needs.

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Turn your livestreams into selling opportunities

  • Maximise your audience by simultaneously broadcasting your livestreams across all your Facebook and Instagram pages

  • Convert viewers into buyers with custom keyword order and product push features

  • Engage with your viewers before and during the livestream with fun and interactive games and content

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SHOPLINE offers new sales opportunities for sellers, allowing them to add more followers to their stores via live streaming on their Facebook and Instagram pages.
SHOPLINE provides an excellent platform for sellers to track the data of live broadcast effect. Through sales analysis, merchants can better provide basis for follow-up activity planning.

Keep track of everything livestream in one location

  • Manage all the products that you are selling on video with versatile controls for instant publishing and unpublishing

  • Get real-time updates on your livestream performance with instant message management and sales analysis

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to start selling on Livestream?

Sign up for a SHOPLINE account and connect your Facebook or Instagram account and turn your followers into customers.

2. How to create a livestream room and start selling?

Refer to our step-by-step guide to create a livestream room.

Take the leap into the future with omnichannel commerce

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