Fully enhance customer loyalty with Member System

Provide solutions for customer activation and repurchase to help turn customers into loyal, engaged members.

SHOPLINE has launched a membership system to help customers transform into loyal brand VIPs and enhance customer value through rewards progra.
Two ladies are excited to be promoted to the diamond VIP of the store.

Create tiers that reward your top customers with exclusive perks

Set tiers benefits to reward loyal customers

Percentage Discount
Fixed Amount
Free Shipping
Birthday Discounts
Customised Privileges
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Increase engagement and repeat purchases with points

Points for more than just purchases

Social Shares

Reward your customers the way they want.

Points for cash
Redeem discount code
Redeem shipping voucher
Redeem products
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SHOPLINE's point-based strategy drives customer engagement and re-purchase rates.
SHOPLINE allows customers to invite friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, and more to earn points.

Unlock explosive growth with our referral system, powered by viral marketing

With rewards for both the inviter and the invitee, our platform creates a powerful network effect - your customers can refer through Facebook, Twitter, email, and more so you can reach a wider audience.

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Boost engagement in the moments that matter

Use on-site reminders called Nudges to encourage customer engagement at just the right time.

Register & Login
Points Redemption
Use Rewards
Referral Sharing
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SHOPLINE supports store websites to automatically generate recommendation Windows in different scenarios, effectively guiding customer behavior.
SHOPLINE allows sellers to run a variety of marketing options on the store's website, such as exclusive specials that members can place orders for and gift cards that sellers can set up to sell as items.

Various methods to improve repurchase rate

Enjoy exclusive member prices, get credit rewards, set up gift cards to sell as merchandise -- effectively builds customer loyalty and boost customer repurchase.

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Diverse and flexible panels to keep your loyalty program on brand

Through the diverse and flexible configuration of panels to give customers rich visual experiences and enhance the quality of the brand.

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SHOPLINE is positioned according to the store and offers flexible components to create a unique member center for the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do with the Member System App?

The Member System App can help you set up membership levels for your store. Different levels of membership can set corresponding benefits, ways to get and use points, user invitation rewards, and product membership prices. Get started today by setting up your own member system using the step-by-step guide.

2. How do I install the Member System app?

You can install Member System from the SHOPLINE App Store. Click “Install” and authorize it to your store.

3. What are some benefits I can offer to members on SHOPLINE?

Some common benefits you can offer to members on SHOPLINE include exclusive discounts, free shipping, early access to new products, and personalized promotions.

4. How do I segment my customers on SHOPLINE?

SHOPLINE provides various tools to help you segment your customers, including customer tags, purchase history analysis, and email marketing campaigns targeted at specific customer groups.

5. What are some common ways to segment customers on SHOPLINE

Some common ways to segment customers on SHOPLINE include by age, gender, location, purchase history, interests, and behavior (such as frequency of visits or purchases).

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