Flow - Designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Leave the repetitive and tedious tasks to Flow. Free up your time to create more business revenue.


20+ preset templates covering all scenarios

  • The presets are commonly used workflow templates, ready to be used as soon as you choose them!

  • The scope of "automation" is extensive, including automatic product shelving, product tagging, risk order notification, customer tagging, order shipping management, and more.

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Easily manage customers with intelligent customer tagging

  • Automatically tag customers based on their in-store consumption behavior, such as "potential customers" and "high-value customers".

  • Record customers' purchasing preferences based on the items they buy, such as "likes to buy dresses".

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Implement timely detection of high-risk orders to reduce store losses

  • Promptly intercept and cancel orders from blacklisted email addresses.

  • Automatically cancel orders or notify employees to confirm and follow up if the order discount amount is too high.

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Customize exclusive workflow with flexible configuration

  • You can configure in detail the customized workflow, starting from which scenarios, going through which rules, and executing which operations.

  • The entire configuration process does not require any code and can be operated through a visual interface.

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Deploy digital employees to work 24 hours a day

  • Equivalent to having multiple robotic employees working around the clock to handle tedious tasks and saving you time.

  • Comprehensive records of all execution processes are digitized and traceable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Flow?

Flow is an automated workflow application that allows you to define a store backend operation scenario as a flow that will automatically perform actions based on your settings whenever the scenario occurs. Refer to our step-by-step instructions on setting up Flow automation.

2. Where to set up Flow Automation?

You can install Flow Automation in the App Store; you can choose any template, preview its process, confirm that it meets your use scenario and then install the template; if the current template can not meet your scenario, please contact customer service, we will supplement the development of new template scenarios as soon as possible.

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