Find a smarter way to get paid with SHOPLINE

SHOPLINE connects with multiple local and international payment channels for direct payment, improving payment success rate by reducing redirections for all markets.

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SHOPLINE's innovative payment feature helped the blonde female customer in the red sweater pay for her jacket and shirt order quickly.
By connecting the seller's Google account, SHOPLINE's payment module will automatically connect to the merchant's Google Merchant Center. In addition, SHOPLINE supports multiple payment methods, including PayPal, SHOPLINE PAYMENTS, Stripe, Omise, Atome, Asiabill and COD.

Multiple payment methods in multiple currencies to help your global business

  • Have control over everything in one SHOPLINE account by just linking your Google account which automatically links your Google Merchant Centre.

  • SHOPLINE supports Support PayPal, SHOPLINE PAYMENTS, Stripe, Omise, Atome, Asiabill, COD and custom payment methods.

SHOPLINE Payments is the world's preferred e-commerce payment service

  • Track orders and payments in your store to better your cash-flow.

  • Support merchants to get paid in the currency they want with friendly exchange rates.

  • Track refunds directly in the order, simplifying refund management.

In scenarios where customers use their cell phones to make payments, SHOPLINE Payments helps sellers track orders in their stores, simplify the management of the refund process and get friendly currency exchange rates in the payment process.
A female customer enters her Visa payment information at the computer while holding her credit card in her hand, protected by a PCI and 3DS.

Safe and secure checkout for your business and data

Support 3DS verification, effectively identify fraud transaction behaviours.

A safe foundation for your payments

  • For transaction disputes caused by different reasons, SHOPLINE will follow the instructions of credit card institutions, please provide relevant information, such as delivery records, service contracts, etc.

  • SHOPLINE Payments’ transactions are all enabled with 3D verification by default. In addition to ensuring the security of customer transactions, it can also further provide stores with additional protection in the event of customer chargebacks / vicious fraud .

In scenarios where customers use cell phones to pay, SHOPLINE Payments enabled PCI, and 3D verification will effectively prevent malicious fraud and customer chargebacks.
SHOPLINE's BNPL module (Buy Now Pay Later) will provide customers with more flexible payment options.

Give customers flexibility with Buy now, Pay later

SHOPLINE works with Buy Now, Pay later service providers across the globe you everyone has the flexibility to buy at your store.

Take the leap into the future with omnichannel commerce

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