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Break free from the confines of a traditional Point-of-Sale (POS) system - our features are designed to give you the flexibility and support you need to succeed on the go.
POS features for wherever you sell

How SHOPLINE POS can help you to grow and scale your business

How SHOPLINE POS can help you to grow and scale your business
Supercharged O2O Solution
Say goodbye to sales headaches with our feature-packed O2O solution, designed to help you hit your targets and exceed expectations.
Real-time Sync for Smoother Shopping
Give your customers the seamless shopping experience they deserve with real-time data synchronisation across all channels.
Portable POS Powerhouse
Our full-suite point-of-sale app lets you take your business with you wherever you go, so you never miss a sale again.
Hassle-free GTO Mall Integration
We are readily connected with hundreds of shopping malls so that you can stay compliant with automated GTO integration for effortless sales submission.


Omnichannel solution

Seamlessly connect your business with your customers to give them a shopping experience that they'll love
Synchronised Data
Stop juggling multiple platforms and streamline your business - with a single admin dashboard, you can easily view and manage everything from product catalogues to finances, analytics and more!
Buy Online, Pick-up in Store
Power up your sales and delight customers with our online pickup service, allowing them to buy online and pick up orders directly from your store for face-to-face upselling opportunities.
Buy Online, Ship from Store
Make ecommerce fulfilment a breeze by managing and fulfilling online orders by shipping directly from your retail store's available inventory.
Buy in Store, Ship to Customer
Boost sales and customer satisfaction by incentivising in-store customers to increase their basket size and ship to their desired destination with automatically applied shipping rates at checkout.
Reserve in Store, Pick Up Later
Enable your customers to reserve exclusive limited stock releases with full payment and pick them up at their convenience so that they can secure your hottest releases with ease.

Payments Solutions

Don't miss out on sales - provide multiple in-person payment options for your customers and complete transactions with ease using SHOPLINE POS.
Accept Popular Payment Methods
‍Securely accept major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, JCB, UnionPay), digital wallets (ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay) and local gateways like PayNow with SHOPLINE POS.
Custom Payment Buttons
Get the flexibility you need to manage payments your way - create custom buttons for various payment types including cash, credit card, debit, eWallet, gift vouchers, cash coupons.
Contactless Payments
Experience the simplicity of tap-and-go payments - customers can easily pay by tapping or waving their enabled card or smart device on our contactless-enabled point-of-sale (POS) readers.
Split Payments
Provide your customers with maximum flexibility and convenience by accepting multiple payment types in a single transaction - including cards, cash, vouchers, coupons, bank transfers.
Rounding Mechanism
Stay compliant with universal requirements and simplify your payment processing with SHOPLINE POS's cash rounding mechanism.
Eliminate errors and save valuable time with SHOPLINE POS's auto-reconciliation feature, which reconciles your POS order data and payments for more organised finances.


SImple and seamless checkout operations for a standout customer and staff experience.
Portable Tablet POS
Take your register on-the-go with our iOS and Android-ready POS system, and watch your sales soar with the convenience and flexibility of mobile transactions!
Offline Checkout
Uninterrupted sales are a reality with our POS system - even when the internet goes down, our advanced technology automatically resyncs your orders once it's back up!
Park and Retrieve Cart
Maximise your order processing capacity by effortlessly holding and retrieving up to 80 orders - streamlining your operations and ensuring customer satisfaction with lightning-fast service.
Custom Receipt Format
Create a lasting impression on your customers by tailoring your receipts to perfectly align with your brand guidelines.
Custom Tax Number
Get rid of tax reconciliation headaches with our simplified solution!  Our platform effortlessly records applied tax rates for various cities and countries, providing you with a stress-free experience.
Automatic Discounts
Our comprehensive O2O solution means that automatic discounts are integrated into the checkout process, freeing up your staff from the manual hassle of adding discounts during checkout.
Product Discount Codes
Deliver an unparalleled shopping experience to your customers with product-specific discount codes that elevate your customers' satisfaction.
Receipt Options
Choose your preferred mode of receipt delivery with our range of options! Print, email, SMS, or even WhatsApp - the choice is yours with our customisable receipt settings
Shortcut to Custom Discounts
Create custom order or product level discounts, effortlessly applying them to dedicated campaigns and creating a customer experience that drives sales and grows your business.
Smart Grid Workbench
Empower your team with personalised feature tiles let you tailor your platform to your unique business needs, delivering an intuitive and streamlined experience
Order Notes
Improve your customer experience by adding special requests and follow-up notes to keep your team in the loop and deliver a standout experience that builds customer loyalty.
Custom Sale
Cultivate sales success with our Custom Sale feature! Quickly create custom orders on the spot, streamlining operations and delivering a standout experience that drives loyalty and growth.
Multiple Add-to-Cart Methods
Simplify your shopping experience with our user-friendly interface! Searching, scanning, and tapping on images are some of the ways that your staff can add products to the cart.
Offline Payment
Complete transactions even when you're offline, ensuring that you can always deliver a seamless and efficient experience that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Revamp your customer support with our game-changing solution. Effortlessly exchange purchases, request refunds, and top-up differences from any retail store.
Returns & Refunds
With our software, you can process multiple partial or full refunds and exchanges for the same order, ensuring optimal customer satisfaction.
Express Tender Amounts
Easy-to-use express buttons makes it easy for cashiers to quickly select tender amounts, reducing wait times and improving the overall customer experience.

Staff Management

Take control of your business with our comprehensive staff management system that allows you to easily manage roles and permissions on one platform.
Role Management and Approval
Secure your business operations with SHOPLINE's role management system. Easily assign permission levels for sensitive actions like viewing customer data, applying discounts, and more.
Unlimited Staff Access
Elevate your business with unlimited POS staff access and fully customisable permission restrictions.
Staff Information and Role
Looking to simplify staff management? Gain full visibility into your sales performance by taking control of staff roles, shift changes, and register tracking all in one back office.
Role Customisation
Create tailored roles and permissions for your staff to onboard new staff quickly and supercharge your sales performance - regardless of your industry and business model.
Staff Performance Analysis
Track your staff's sales achievements and calculate commissions effortlessly so that you can boost your staff's morale and drive sales success.
Staff Access Permission
Get a bird's eye view of your staff activities by managing your staff's access to sensitive data while specifying staff roles and responsibilities on one panel.
Unique POS PINs
Generate a unique PIN for each staff member so that they can conveniently log in to the POS system without approval while giving them ownership of their POS activities.

Multi Store Management

Easily manage and set up multiple retail stores with our multi-store solution that streamlines processes, so you can focus on growing your business.
Centralised Business Admin
Easily manage all aspects of your retail business from a single back office with our centralised solution. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple systems and hello to streamlined, efficient management with SHOPLINE.
Add Registers
Quickly add additional long-term or short-term registers in just minutes, making it a breeze to manage seasonal pop-up stores with our centralised business administration solution.
Add Locations
Whether you're looking to expand your footprint with a new store or need additional storage space with a warehouse, our platform lets you effortlessly set up shop in mere minutes - day or night!


Our platform's product catalogue management hub allows for the consistent syncing of products across all sales channels, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.
Product Price Customisation
Our platform offers flexible pricing options to suit your needs, allowing you to customise product prices for different stores and implement unique pricing strategies.
Product Library
Simplify your product management process with our Product Library feature. Add unlimited product listings online and push them to your POS system effortlessly.
Product Categories
Categorise your products by brands, types, colors, sizes, price ranges, seasons, promotions, and more to efficiently filter and sort products on your POS system.
Universal Product & Stock Visibility
Gain an edge in sales with real-time stock visibility across all channels and stores so that you can maximise sales opportunities and improve customer satisfaction with ease.
Multi-Location Inventory
Allocate and share inventory across all sales channels seamlessly to optimise turnover and profitability, and stay ahead of the competition.
Stock Reservation
Offer exclusive limited stock releases for reservation so that your customers can secure their desired products before they hit the shelves, and pick them up in-store hassle-free.
Barcode Generator
Steamline inventory tracking with our retail barcode management app. Create, scan and print barcodes with ease.


Convert window shoppers into customers that keep coming back.
Create Customer Profiles
Effortlessly build customer loyalty with our in-store customer profile creation feature. Launch your O2O strategy efficiently with SHOPLINE marketing tools for easy remarketing and loyalty programs.
Central Customer Database
Keep customer data consistent across sales channels with our solution that syncs customer data across your e-commerce, social commerce, messaging apps, and retail stores.
Quick View of Order History
Never miss a beat with our automatic order syncing feature that ensures your online and in-store order information is synced to your business admin for comprehensive reporting and analytics.
Notify Customers
Keep your customers informed and up-to-date on their BOPIS orders with automatic email order notifications to enhance customer satisfaction.
Integrated Member System
Reward top customers with exclusive perks through tiered memberships, increase engagement and repeat purchases with member prices, and drive new sales with referral incentives.
Earn Member Points
Drive repeat business and customer loyalty with our point-based reward system. Keep your customers coming back for more with our easy-to-use and customizable solution.
Redeem Points
Integrate our point-based reward system into your in-store payment process - allow your customers to easily redeem their points and offset their payments with our hassle-free platform.

Smart Inventory Management App

Supercharge your inventory management and transform your business with our wallet-friendly system for all your store locations, minimising costs and maximising profits to propel your success to new heights!
1. Improve profitability
Empower your business with our data-driven inventory management system, using data-driven insights to boost profitability and drive sales growth with pinpoint accurate purchase suggestions.
2. Stay on top of your inventory
Transform your operations like a pro with our data-driven inventory management system, leveraging sales history and seasonal purchase patterns to provide accurate purchase suggestions.
3. Save time and reduce errors
Eliminate the need to manage spreadsheets or multiple systems manually by using one system to track your products inventory for all locations.
Purchase Orders
Stay ahead of the curve and keep your shelves stocked with our game-changing automated stock ordering and customisable reorder points.
Purchase Suggestion
Get full control of your inventory with real-time visibility into your catalogue, low-stock alerts, and auto-purchase suggestions for smarter, better-informed decisions!
Inventory Transfer
Maximise your inventory efficiency by simplifying inventory allocation and transfer between stores for smooth inbound inventory management across your entire business.
Inventory Alerts
Our innovative system automates your stock orders and sets customisable reorder points for your top-selling products so that you never miss a sale.
Supplier Management
Take the hassle out of supplier management with our central hub to keep all your supplier contacts and details for fast and easy reference.
Inventory Analysis
Gain an advantage in inventory analysis with our comprehensive system, offering in-depth and multi-level filter options for targeted analysis and data-driven replenishment decisions.
ABC Analysis
Discover the secret to greater inventory control and profitability with our ABC analysis system - by identifying your top-performing products, you'll find the optimal mix for your inventory strategy.
Inventory Counts
Perform multiple counts efficiently and accurately to complete full or partial inventory update with scanner on POS app or business admin
Inventory Receiving
Revolutionise inventory retrieval system - our user-friendly dashboard means that you can retrieve POs and count inbound inventory effortlessly and intuitively.
Inventory Reports
Get the inside scoop on your inventory with our in-depth reports - generate in-depth inventory analysis and easily import updated counts to all your locations, so you can stay on top of your game.
Real-time Inventory Tracking
Never run out of stock again! Our real-time cloud automation & data sync gives you complete visibility of your products and stocks across all channels, so you can keep your business thriving!

Cloud Reporting And Analytics

Unlock the power of data with our advanced analytics reporting system. Gain real-time insights and multi-faceted analytics reports to optimise ROI and drive business growth.
Day End Sales Report
Access historical order summaries, payment methods, and product sales categories with our comprehensive reporting system to easily identify discrepancies and improve accuracy.
Register Shift Reports
Make accurate data-driven decisions with our advanced sales reporting system with daily register closure summaries, historical order summaries, and comprehensive staff performance reports.
Retail Sales Dashboard
Stay on top of your retail sales metrics with real-time access to key retail sales data from any device - anywhere and anytime.
Retail Sales Reports
Easily compare sales by products, SKU, stores, cashier, and salesperson using our comprehensive sales reports to gain valuable insights and improve overall business performance.
Cash Tracking
Streamline shift changes with cash tracking, discrepancy identification, and accurate end-of-day handover and cash balance management.
Profit Margin Reports
Gain insights into profitability by product, SPU, SKU, and retail store with our comprehensive profit margin reports.
Product Sales Reports
Empower your business with data-driven insights by comparing sales across channels, SPUs, and SKUs using our advanced analytics tools.
Sales by Discount Reports
Optimise your promotions with our evaluation and tracking tools for discount mechanics so that you can fine-tune your existing campaigns and plan for future promotions quickly and easily.
Inventory Reports
Efficiently manage stock levels by monitoring movements and turnover on a monthly basis with our inventory reporting solution.
Financial Reports
Get a comprehensive view of your store's finances, including sales, refunds, payments, and order amounts, with regular financial reporting.
GTO Mall Integration
Automate GTO sales file submission (Over 100 malls)
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Transform your retail experience with sleek and modern hardware that is ready to support your retail empire.
POS Hardware
Upgrade your retail experience without the cost of additional hardware - SHOPLINE POS is compatible with a wide range of hardware. Find out if SHOPLINE POS works with hardware you already own!
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Compatible hardware accessories
Upgrade your system with SHOPLINE POS's plug & play support for hardware accessories from cash drawers to receipt printers and scanners that complement your tablet or terminal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between SHOPLINE POS and other POS?

SHOPLINE POS unifies your retail shops and online stores shop, seamlessly integrating your website, social media, messaging app and Point-of-Sale. In addition to the daily cashiering and inventory management tasks, our solution allow you to synchronise stock across all your sales channels, provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers, and empower your omnichannel capabilities such as in-store pick-up, local delivery, home delivery and email shopping carts.

2. How do I know this is the POS system for me?

The right POS system should be easy-to-use, designed specifically for your industry and allow you to sell wherever your customers are, whether online or offline. When in doubt, ask for a demo and experience first-hand how it works.

3. How does SHOPLINE POS work?

Learn more about SHOPLINE POS. When in doubt, book a demo  and experience first-hand how it works.

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