Beyond the Livestream Room: BeCharmed's Bold Leap into Unified Commerce

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Sisters Susan, Celine and Sheny Koh built BeCharmed on a shared passion for helping women feel confident and stylish. After struggling to find fashion-forward accessories and beauty products tailored to their tastes, they decided to launch their own brand.

Beginning as a small online business in 2018, the founders marketed their curated selection of handbags, accessories and cosmetics through social media. Their lively Facebook Live selling sessions attracted a loyal following of customers who loved the sisters’ charming personalities and chic aesthetic.

”We cultivated such a fun, personal community of women who connected with our vibe,” Susan recalls. Their customers kept returning for the vibrant energy and worthy products during the live sessions.

Over the next few years, the business expanded rapidly as their fan base grew. BeCharmed became known for helping women express their personal style with quality beauty products and accessories. 

Since upgrading to SHOPLINE within six months, they’ve seen:




Increase in overall sales 

increase in website traffic

increase in overall conversions


Back when BeCharmed relied solely on Facebook Live sales, their operational processes were highly manual, ad-hoc and difficult to scale. As Susan recalls, "We used to manage livestream orders through multiple Excel spreadsheets. With more products and customers, it became an organisational nightmare."

Celine adds, "We didn't even have a website originally. We didn't think it was necessary with Facebook Live sales." This meant they lacked any online presence outside social media live streams.

The sisters also handled all customer communications like order changes and placement manually. According to Susan, "I used to spend hours each day replying to customer messages individually. It was hugely time-consuming."

Payment reconciliation after live sales sessions also posed challenges. Celine shared, "We only accepted bank transfers initially. Reconciling those payments to orders was a manual hassle."

Overall, BeCharmed's reliance on Excel spreadsheets, social selling and manual processes back then made scaling effectively nearly impossible. Their ad-hoc infrastructure quickly buckled as demand grew. The lack of any branded online presence also limited reach and discoverability. BeCharmed knew pivoting to a unified commerce model with structured operations was essential to realise their vision for growth.


To address BeCharmed's challenges, the founders turned to SHOPLINE's e-commerce platform with its suite of solutions.

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Web Design &

Influencer Marketing

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Scaling Operations with SHOPLINE Unified Commerce

When BeCharmed joined SHOPLINE, Susan and Celine were first struck by how easy the migration process was. SHOPLINE's experts seamlessly transferred years of product data, order history and customer information to their new e-commerce store with no disruptions to their business. 

Once adapted to the new platform, the founders were relieved to find robust analytics and reporting. "We finally had visibility into customer behaviour and sales performance across channels," Susan explained. "It allowed us to optimise our marketing."

The new store also leveraged SHOPLINE apps like Instagram Feed, Mega Menu, and Advanced Component Library to optimise navigation and boost engagement. Celine explained, "The apps helped us showcase our products beautifully and deliver a top-notch user experience."

Streamlining order management was another game changer. SHOPLINE's one-click order tallying shaved hours off the post-livestream reconciliation process. Celine added, "With SHOPLINE's unified inventory management, we could control stock levels in real-time across all channels. No more frantic digging through Excel sheets!"

The Message Center also transformed BeCharmed's customer service. "Replying to customers individually used to take up so much time every day," said Susan. "Now we handle all communications efficiently in one place."

According to Susan, “Tasks that once took hours now take just minutes with SHOPLINE’s tools. It’s been a massive time saver."

Taking Advantage of the SHOPLINE Ecosystem

The first step was migrating BeCharmed's existing online presence and operations onto SHOPLINE's robust e-commerce infrastructure. According to Sheny, "SHOPLINE's migration experts seamlessly transferred our product data, order history, customer information, and other vital data with no downtime or disruptions."

SHOPLINE’s Solutions team also completely redesigned BeCharmed's online storefront for a fresh, user-friendly experience. "We wanted to realign our web store with our brand aesthetic," said Susan. "The SHOPLINE team and ecosystem partners nailed the look and feel we were going for."

Together with SHOPLINE’s studio partner KittyKat, BeCharmed was able to shoot stunning and bespoke product photography. BeCharmed also leveraged KittyKat’s network of influencers to extend the reach of their content on popular sites like TikTok. "Their assets amplified our social and web campaigns," Sheny shared. 


BeCharmed's journey exemplifies how the right technology solutions can empower small businesses to sustain growth. By leveraging SHOPLINE's e-commerce platform and capabilities, BeCharmed transformed limitations into opportunities.

Today, BeCharmed has a thriving unified commerce presence. Their redesigned online store has reduced dependence on live selling sessions significantly while fuelling revenue growth. A refreshed brand aesthetic and top-notch user experience continue to win over customers.

According to Sheny, "With SHOPLINE's solutions, we broke free of the limitations of our previous model and unlocked new potential for sustainable growth."

Most importantly, BeCharmed stayed true to their founding values of empowering women and bringing joy to customers. Even with an expanded reach, Sheny, Susan and Celine retain the charm that built their brand.

BeCharmed's success story demonstrates that the right technology partner can help small businesses balance expansion with retaining brand essence. With solutions tailored to their needs, visionary entrepreneurs like Susan, Sheny and Celine can transform constraints into catalysts for growth.

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