Scents to Sales: Lush’s Digital Evolution with SHOPLINE

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Renowned for pioneering products like the bath bomb and shampoo bars. Lush places priority on using fresh, organic ingredients that are sustainable and cruelty-free while ensuring a seamless balance between handling orders, maintaining product quality, and providing excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.

To tackle the complexities of the dynamic beauty industry, Lush revamped its e-commerce platform, focusing on user-friendly interfaces and a seamless shopping experience.

They invested in cutting-edge technology to enhance the customer journey, from personalized product recommendations to a smoother checkout process which sometimes requires demands for more flexibility.


Lush was faced with a hurdle in translating their outstanding in-store experience to the online domain. The previous e-commerce platform presented numerous obstacles for their local commerce team, with even fundamental tasks such as product removal and photo resizing proving to be challenging and time consuming.

This led Lush to search for a platform that would seamlessly integrate with their retail operations and also which enable cost savings.

“Before SHOPLINE, our platform was not keeping up with the rapid demands and becoming too unwieldy to manage and maintain. We knew that we needed to move to a platform that was just as robust as our previous system while being easier and less complex to handle,” said Melissa Guo, E-commerce Executive, LUSH.


Driving the success of digital campaigns

Choosing SHOPLINE's commerce platform wasn't just a tech upgrade for Lush - it was finding a partner that truly grasped their requirements. Lush sought a platform that offered creative freedom without the hassles of website complexities. SHOPLINE transformed into a dependable cornerstone, allowing Lush to direct their creative efforts towards crafting captivating brand campaigns.

SHOPLINE's adaptability empowered Lush to seamlessly transfer products and campaigns from their global marketing team to their Singapore website in a consistent manner to launch campaigns swiftly and effectively.

By utilizing SHOPLINE's tools, Lush created a dynamic online presence, showcasing that a flexible e-commerce infrastructure is crucial for rapid brand expansion. Michelle remarked, “SHOPLINE’s competent and user-friendly platform played a pivotal role in Lush’s online success. The platform has enabled us to lead with our brand, launching campaigns swiftly and with ease.”

Glocal payment and logistics capabilities

Lush successfully overcame digital challenges by adopting SHOPLINE's versatile e-commerce platform. This partnership facilitated a seamless integration of global campaigns, emphasizing brand consistency and core values. SHOPLINE's adaptability extended to glocal payment solutions, integrating with Atome for a Buy Now Pay Later option, enhancing the customer experience. Additionally, logistics were streamlined through integration with OneShip, ensuring efficient shipping processes. The collaboration with SHOPLINE allowed Lush to launch and scale their e-commerce business, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.

“We’ve found that we have been able to craft a personalized and seamless shopping experience for our customers with SHOPLINE, meeting their preferences every step of the way," Melissa added.


In conclusion:  

This collaboration empowered Lush to prioritize what truly matters, which is to deliver a vibrant and seamless online experience to their customers.

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