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Customer loyalty and rewards programmes are widely recognised as effective business retention strategies. In fact, loyalty programme members are 70% more likely to make a repeat purchase from a brand with a loyalty programme. A majority of Millennials (81%) have also said that being a member of a loyalty programme incentivises them to spend more with a brand.

It is widely recognised that it costs significantly less for businesses to sell to their existing customers compared to acquiring new ones. Many brands have invested in loyalty and rewards programmes to incentivise their customers to remain loyal to their brand and continue making purchases.

Although customer loyalty programmes can be highly effective, simply implementing a programme is not enough to guarantee success. Some loyalty programmes still struggle to achieve their desired results. This is why some businesses have taken innovative approaches to shake things up and revamp their loyalty programmes to inspire customer loyalty better. 

These businesses have shown that breaking away from traditional loyalty programme structures and offering unique and personalised rewards can inspire greater customer loyalty and increase revenue growth.

Here are our top 3 businesses that have successfully implemented SHOPLINE Member System App.


Becoming a member of Yummies4mummies

When you operate in a niche industry, the customer experience matters more than ever. That's the case for our first brand, founded in 2017 by Mummy M, a mother passionate about breastfeeding and baking. The brands offer lactation treats that taste delicious and provide essential nutrients to support and boost the milk supply for breastfeeding mothers. 

Ways to earn cookie points with Yummies4mummies

Yummies4mummies incorporates store credits into its loyalty programme for its members, offering benefits whenever its members can earn points through purchases and referrals, which can be redeemed for discounts and free shipping. Their programme combines a point rewards system with different ways to earn points and reward members when they place an order, follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram, and more. They also leverage the importance of social proof by rewarding customers for leaving reviews and for user-generated content such as photo and video reviews. After all, seeing is believing, isn't it?

As the cherry on top, Yummies4mummies sweetens the deal by offering customers a $5 coupon for their first order and an additional coupon for each successful referral they make. The brand further created a dedicated page for its website. This stand-alone page made it easy for customers or visitors to learn about the rewards programme, sign up and learn the different ways to earn points. By combining these elements, Yummies4mummies is able to establish a robust rewards programme for their customer.

Urban Republic Singapore

Urban Republic Singapore's official website

Urban Republic Singapore launched in 2021 with the aim of providing high-quality gadgets that support the busy and fast-paced lifestyle of city dwellers. With a wide range of consumer gadgets, they aim to ensure their customers can access the latest and most innovative technology. 

But let's face it, offering great products isn't always enough to keep customers returning for more. That's where they were introduced to the SHOPLINE Member System app to create and support their loyalty and rewards programme that would offer their customers some amazing rewards. And boy, did it work!

UR Rewards - Ways to earn points

By using the point system, customers could earn points for every purchase they made at Urban Republic. These points could then be redeemed for discounts. Talk about a win-win! Customers were happy to earn rewards for their loyalty, and Urban Republic was happy to see those customers coming back for more shopping.

Additionally, the brand was able to offer a personalised loyalty programme that catered to their customer's needs. This encouraged repeat purchases, helped attract new customers, and strengthened the bond between existing customers and the brand. And let's be honest, who doesn't love getting rewarded for their loyalty and bringing their friends along for the ride?

Hai Tan Kao

Hai Tan Kao's official website

Hai Tan Kao, also known as Sea Char Grill, is a business born out of a passion for BBQ and camping. Started in early 2022 as a home-based e-commerce venture, the company has since opened its first physical storefront. Known for its exceptional customer service and top-quality products, Hai Tan Kao has quickly become a go-to destination for all things BBQ.

Hai Tan Kao - Become a VIP

Hai Tan Kao's mission is to take customers' BBQ experience to the next level! And to show their appreciation for customers' loyalty, they've created an exciting and exclusive member programme. But this isn't your average programme - it's tiered! That means the more customers engage with their brand, the higher their rewards and benefits.

As customers level up, they'll gain access to amazing perks like discounts on their purchase and other exclusive rewards. It's like being part of a VIP club for BBQ enthusiasts! Plus, by participating in the programme, you'll become part of a community of loyal customers who share your love for great food and outdoor adventures.

This tiered member programme is a win-win for their customer and Hai Tan Kao. By incentivising customers to spend more and engage with their brand, they're able to increase revenue and provide their customers with personalised rewards and benefits. And as a member, they enjoy a sense of exclusivity and belonging, knowing that they're part of a select group of customers who truly value the best things in life - good food, company, and good times!

Loyalty Done Right!

Customer loyalty programmes are powerful retention strategies, and loyalty program members are more likely to make repeat purchases. However, not all loyalty programmes are created equal, and businesses need to offer unique and personalised rewards to inspire customer loyalty.

In this blog, we highlighted three businesses powered by SHOPLINE Member System that have successfully implemented innovative loyalty programmes. Yummies4mummies rewards customers with store credits for purchases, referrals, and user-generated content. Urban Republic Singapore offers discounts for every purchase made, while Hai Tan Kao has a tiered member programme that gives customers access to exclusive rewards and benefits.

By implementing loyalty programmes, these businesses have encouraged repeat purchases, attracted new customers, and strengthened the bond between existing customers and the brand. Investing in customer loyalty and rewards programmes can be a game-changer for businesses looking to stay ahead in their industry.

Take action now and start implementing your loyalty and reward programme to achieve your business goals faster. Remember, small changes can lead to significant results. Let's make the most of our time and achieve great things together!

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