Unifying Your eCommerce Solutions: 5 Benefits of a Centralised Messaging Platform


As businesses continue to navigate the challenges of the digital age, communication and customer service remain critical components of success. With the increasing number of communication channels available, it can be challenging for businesses to manage customer conversations effectively. However, businesses now have access to a powerful tool to streamline their communication process and enhance their ability to connect with customers to address their needs promptly and effectively.

Despite the benefits of centralised messaging platforms, many businesses are still hesitant to adopt them for several reasons, such as data privacy and security concerns, the lack of understanding about how the platforms work, or simply a preference for traditional communication methods.

However, as more consumers begin to prefer messaging over other forms of communication, businesses that fail to implement centralised messaging platforms risk falling behind their competitors.

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What is a Centralised Messaging Platform?

A centralised messaging platform is an omnichannel social commerce platform that helps businesses sell, convert and provide better support for their customer’s favourite social messaging chat. 

This platform enables a comprehensive customer journey across live chat and major social and messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram or whatever your customers prefer - streamlining the whole commerce process with social and sales all in one to break through your sales growth limits.

One of its key features is the customer engagement solution which allows businesses to manage all interactions with customers in a central location, making it easier to track customer issues, resolve problems, and provide a seamless customer experience. The platform's ability to blast out automated campaigns also allows businesses to target customers with relevant content, increasing the chances of conversions.

Additionally, the ability to send payment links through chat makes transactions more accessible and more convenient for customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Benefits of Centralised Messaging Platform for eCommerce Businesses

  1. Improved Response Times

One of the main benefits of a centralised messaging platform is improved response time. According to Customer Service Statistics 2023 by Lawnstarter, 90% of customers are willing to stay loyal to a brand that offers personalised customer service. By using a centralised messaging platform, you can respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, reducing waiting time and improving customer satisfaction.

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

In the same Salesforce report, 66% of consumers said they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand that provides excellent customer service. In a study by Forrester Research, customer experience leaders had a 16% advantage in customers willing to pay more for a product or service, a 19% advantage in customers willing to forgive a company for a mistake, and a 13% advantage in customers willing to repurchase from a company. By providing real-time customer support through a centralised messaging platform, you can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can translate into increased revenue for your eCommerce business.

  1. Better Data and Insights

By using a single platform to manage all customer interactions, you can easily track and analyse customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback, which helps you to identify common issues, improve your products and services, and optimise your customer support strategy. The data collected can help you to make more informed decisions and drive better results for your business as you monitor the performance of your team, track response times, and identify areas for improvement.

  1. Increased Repeat Purchases

A centralised messaging platform also help businesses increase repeat purchases by providing a more personalised shopping experience for customers. By using customer data collected through the platform, businesses can tailor their messaging and recommendations to each individual customer's needs and preferences. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases. In fact, a study by Adobe found that businesses with strong omnichannel customer engagement strategies see an average 10% increase in year-over-year revenue. Businesses can encourage more repeat purchases and drive revenue growth by leveraging a centralised messaging platform to provide a personalised and seamless customer experience across all channels.

  1. Improved Employee Productivity

Your team can save time and effort, reduce the risk of errors and miscommunication when you adopt a single platform to manage all customer inquiries. They don't have to switch between different platforms or applications to respond to customer inquiries, reducing the risk of errors and miscommunications. This can also help your team to respond to more customer inquiries in less time, improving response times and customer satisfaction.

How Can SHOPLINE Help You Streamline Your Communication Channels?

SHOPLINE Unified Commerce Solution

At SHOPLINE, we understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service and building strong customer relationships. That's why we offer a solution to help businesses of all sizes streamline their communication channel processes and provide a more personalised shopping experience for your customers without additional integration. With SHOPLINE Message Center, you can manage your customer communications across all your platforms in one channel in a more efficient and timelier manner.

Set up your centralised messaging

Imagine this! As a business owner who sells products/services (1) online using an eCommerce platform, (2) selling social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok shop, (3) marketplace, (4) retail store and (5) who is thinking to sign up for a centralised messaging platform. Traditionally, you will have to manage all of these sales channels separately and pay for subscriptions for each platform or integrator to integrate your main sales channel so that your customer will have a seamless shopping experience with your brand.

We believe that delivering superior customer experiences is the key to success in any business. That's why our unified commerce solution helps businesses deliver seamless customer experiences across all channels and streamline your operations to offer your customers a more convenient shopping experience. 

For example, you can offer in-store pickup for online orders or use your online store as a showroom for customers to try out products before purchasing in-store. This flexibility helps you cater to the needs and preferences of your customers, no matter where they are in their shopping journey.

All in all, a centralised messaging platform can benefit your eCommerce business in numerous ways, from improved customer service to increased revenue and repeat purchases. By adopting a centralised messaging platform, you can streamline your customer support processes, gain valuable customer insights, and provide a more personalised and seamless shopping experience for your customers to improve customer service and encourage repeat purchases. Contact us today to learn more about how unifying your business can benefit you.

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