The Perfect Match: TikTok Shop + Your Own Online Store


We live in exciting times for online shopping. Social media has entered the retail game in a big way, with TikTok Shop turning the wildly popular short video app into a virtual shopping paradise. As a seller, you'd be crazy not to take advantage of TikTok's massive user base who are now ready to impulse buy whatever captivating products flash across their screens.

But the real magic happens when you combine the social commerce sizzle of TikTok Shop with the customer relationship ownership of your own branded ecommerce site. Talk about a perfect match! Just imagine it - funnelling all those viral TikTok shopping sprees directly into your own online store. The data-driven insights you gain from TikTok Shop product performance can inform the lineup curation on your own site. Display your top sellers prominently and watch the sales roll in. Then get to work further cross-promoting both platforms, and boosting your branded site through smart digital marketing techniques.

Why should your brand be on TikTok?

TikTok has taken social shopping to the next level. Its short-video format brilliantly marries entertainment and shopping for the ultimate addictive experience. Who knew that commerce and fun could blend so seamlessly? But TikTok cracked the code.

It's tapped into several core consumer psychology triggers. The non-stop stream of videos in your feed gives a constant rush of novelty. Viewers always want to see what will appear next. When product hauls and shopping discoveries are mixed into the feed, it's a perfect recipe for impulse purchases. The dopamine hit of buying something you discovered on an entertaining TikTok video is powerful. And the instant gratification of TikTok Shop makes turning impulse into purchase frictionless. No wonder #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has become a cultural phenomenon. TikTok's social commerce innovation should put all retailers on high alert.

4 reasons why you should combine TikTok and a e-commerce website

Looking to ignite your online sales? Well, you're in luck because combining TikTok Shop with your own branded ecommerce site is a proven retail rocket fuel. This match made in social commerce heaven offers the perfect blend of digital platforms to propel your business. Here are 4 compelling reasons to bring these two sales powerhouses together:

Double your exposure

Get in front of TikTok's massive user base while also attracting customers to your own site through marketing and search engine optimisation. More exposure = more sales. On platforms like SHOPLINE, you can even run value-based optimisation campaigns to obtain high-quality traffic from TikTok and increase revenue.

Save costs

Promoting your own website balances's social reach with optimal cost efficiency. While convenient, TikTok currently charges sellers a 3% fee on transactions made through their shopping experience. Bringing shoppers directly to your site allows you to avoid sharing this revenue while also controlling your own margins. 

Cross-promote between platforms  

Use TikTok videos to drive traffic to your site and offer exclusive deals to followers. Promote shoppable product links and your own site URL.

Simplify management

Manage all orders from both TikTok Shop and your own store in one unified system. For example, SHOPLINE’s TikTok for Business plugin and integrations through the ShopHub multichannel management platform mean you can seamlessly sync inventory, track shipments, and more. 

How to maximise your sales and audience growth on TikTok

Launching a stellar e-commerce campaign on TikTok requires really understanding what makes the platform tick. Follow these essential tips to find viral fame and sales glory on everyone's favorite short-video playground.

Go vertical and visually stunning

The small mobile screen means you have mere seconds to capture attention. Film everything vertically in ultra-vibrant colors and detail. Show your products in their most visually enticing light through tight shots and clever angles. Editing with trendy filters and effects is a must for that professional polish that pops on the feed.

Ride the trend wave

Viral challenges, dance crazes, meme sounds - these ephemeral bandwagons drive much of TikTok's cultural energy. Keep your finger on the pulse of what's blowing up daily. Find ways to authentically incorporate trends into your product content. Being part of the in-joke or hype hooks viewers instantly.

Collaborate with influencers

The right TikTok influencer partnership can skyrocket your profile and products. Do research to find whose aesthetic and audience best fits your brand. Offer free products in exchange for organic influenced content creation. Be sure to agree on brand representation beforehand.

Engage, engage, engage

Viewers want connection, not just a broadcast feed. Reply to comments, answer questions in your DMs, go ‘live’ with behind-the-scenes footage and post user-generated content showing your products in action. Building these relationships leads to sales.

Dive into the exciting world of social commerce

It's an incredibly exciting time to be in e-commerce. TikTok has opened up a whole new world of viral shopping potential that is reshaping retail as we know it. This glimpse into the future shows that social, mobile, and highly visual content will be key to connecting with new generations of buyers.

Now is the time to fully embrace this new paradigm. Harness the marketing and monetisation power of TikTok Shop along with the customer ownership and control of your own branded website. This combo provides the best of both worlds - social virality and commerce combined with true brand building. Don't watch from the sidelines - jump into this new era of digital retail. Sign up for our free trial or contact our e-commerce experts today to develop data-driven strategies tailored for TikTok and your website. The future of shopping is happening now - it's time to seize this game-changing opportunity. 

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