Strategies for Increasing Average Order Value During Mega Campaign Periods


The mega sale campaign periods are golden opportunities for your e-commerce business to attract more customers and boost your revenue. One key metric that should be on your radar during this period is the Average Order Value (AOV). 

A higher AOV means more revenue per transaction, ultimately leading to increased profits, and maximising your sales. In this blog, we will provide you with tips and best practices to help you maximise the benefits of these extraordinary mega campaign periods!

The Importance of Web Design

Your website's design plays a pivotal role in influencing customer behaviour during the 9.9 Mega Sale campaign period. A well-designed website can entice your visitors, keep them engaged, and encourage them to spend more. Here are some tips to make your web design work for you:

1. Visually Appealing Layout: 

The first impression your website makes can significantly impact customer engagement and AOV. Use high-quality images that showcase your products well. Ensure your website layout is intuitive, with easy navigation menus, prominent search bars, and clear product categories. Visitors should be able to find what they want quickly and without much hassle.

2. Mobile Optimisation: 

Given the convenience of having a smartphone at their fingertips, numerous shoppers now prefer using these devices to browse and shop online. It's essential to ensure that your website is fully responsive, loads quickly on mobile devices, and provides a seamless shopping experience.

3. Clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs):

Strategically place CTAs throughout your website, not just on product pages but also on category pages, pop-ups, and banners. Use compelling language that guides visitors toward taking action, such as "Shop Now," "Add to Cart," or "Limited Time Offer."

If you are struggling to photograph the products yourself, you may want to consider engaging services of professional photographers. For SHOPLINE merchants, consider our partner KittyKat and their services available here. KittyKat is a tech-enabled content service that uses AI technology for brands that deliver only beautiful, on-brand, and high-performing product, service and experience visuals to grow their business and sell more products.


These professionals bring a wealth of expertise in the art of lighting and editing techniques that can transform your products into captivating visuals. Additionally, photographers are equipped with the necessary tools of the trade and dedicated studios to ensure the best conditions for impeccable product imagery. 

Reliable Logistics Solutions

To maintain customer satisfaction, especially when expectations for quick and efficient order delivery are high, the implementation of effective and dependable logistics solutions becomes critical especially during the mega sale campaign periods. 

Businesses usually prefer integrated logistic management systems for their business as this allows their fulfilment processes to be simplified and carried out with relative ease. 

This is where OneShip comes in, helping you to improve operational efficiency and makes the experience for both you and your customers more pleasant.

OneShip is an all-in-one logistics platform that simplifies shipping for businesses, making it easier for you to track shipments, receive real-time insights, and helps optimise shipping costs. With integration to several different Ecommerce platforms as well as third-party logistics partners, you will be able to find something that suits your business best.

Read more about OneShip.

Easy and Seamless Checkout Experience

A smooth and hassle-free checkout process is crucial for maximising your AOV during the mega sale campaign periods as it increases the rate of conversion. Here are several ways to ensure the best possible checkout experience for your customers whenever they shop with you. 

1. Guest Checkout: 

Allow customers to complete their purchases without the need to create an account. While you can still offer the option to register, making guest checkout available reduces friction and cart abandonment rates, increasing conversion.

2. Multiple Payment Options: 

Offer a variety of payment methods to cater to a broader customer base, satisfying different preference of different individuals. There are many different and popular payment options like the typical credit/debit cards, digital wallets (e.g., Apple Pay, Google Pay), and even Buy Now, Pay Later solutions. 

3. Clear and accurate costs

By being transparent with all the costs associated with the order such as the product prices, the shipping costs as well as any taxes involved, your customers can have a clearer picture of what they are paying for and this helps build trust between you and your customers.

For SHOPLINE merchants, we offer an integrated payment solution, SHOPLINE Payments that helps improve efficiency and convenience when it comes to checking out and reconciliation of the orders. It allows you to accept most of the payment methods mentioned above with competitive transaction fees, bringing you maximum value.

Find out more about SHOPLINE Payments here.

The mega sale campaign periods presents a massive opportunity for e-commerce businesses to increase their Average Order Value (AOV) and drive revenue. You can make the most out of this campaign by focusing on web design, strategic shipping options, and providing a seamless checkout experience. Remember, a happy and satisfied customer is more likely to make larger purchases, so prioritize their experience at every step of the journey. 

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