Personalised Gifts: Perfect For Mother's Day 2023


On the 14th of May this year, Mother’s Day is approaching. We believe right now, the question on everyone’s mind is “What should I get that is unique and meaningful?” 

This special day is widely celebrated around the world and according to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, 84% of respondents said they plan to celebrate Mother’s Day in some way and that consumers are planning to spend an average of $274.02 on their celebrations. 

Gifts like flowers, special meals, and greeting cards are considered the traditional or classic ways of celebrating Mother's Day, often referred to as the "tried and true" methods. However, for those consumers who prioritise customised gifts instead, what are some ways they can show their love and appreciation for their mothers in a distinctive manner?

What are some of the unique gifts that can be customised?

Home and living products:

Products like photo frames, mugs, and keychains are cost-effective and offer a high level of personalization. 

These gifts are ideal for adding a heartfelt touch to a mother's daily routine, especially when they are using them. Select a picture that features you and your mother and personalize it by imprinting it onto the products.


Customise a beautiful necklace or bracelet by engraving the name, initials, or a loving message. To make the gift even more special on this special occasion, consider pairing it with a customizable gift box.

Why should I allow product customisation?

With Mother’s Day being around the corner and how 47% of shoppers prioritise finding a gift that’s unique or different, you should leverage on this to increase your sales and conversion during this festive period.

A helpful tip to keep in mind is to establish clear terms and conditions, as well as return and refund policies, before offering product customization. This is essential in case of any conflicts or disputes that may arise from customers, as customized products are often unique and cannot be resold to other customers.

Offering product customisation with SHOPLINE

With SHOPLINE's product customisation app, you have the flexibility to create your own template that fits your specific product requirements or utilize the pre-existing templates that are available, enabling you to begin selling customised products quickly.

The customization process for your customers is streamlined, user-friendly, and convenient, enabling them to effortlessly design and order their own personalized products, with the system automatically verifying and saving the customized specifications. They will also be able to have a preview of the effects before making the purchase.

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The SHOPLINE product customisation app provides an efficient way for you to manage your order processing. By using the app's dashboard, you can easily view and confirm all orders, reducing the risk of missing any orders that require customisation. 

This feature enables you to have greater control over your order management and fulfillment, allowing you to provide excellent customer service, ensuring a pleasant experience for your customers, which could ultimately promote repurchase.

To sum up, customised products are in demand, especially during such festive periods and sellers can differentiate themselves by offering personalised, unique, and innovative products. 

With the assistance of SHOPLINE's product customisation app, you can easily start offering this option to your customers. So give it a try right here if you are an existing SHOPLINE user, or sign up here for a free 14-day trial with SHOPLINE.

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