Engage in meaningful conversations with SHOPLINE chat commerce

Harness the power of personal, real-time conversations to build connections with your customers that convert into sales

SHOPLINE's smart chat plugin enables buyers to have effective conversations and build friendly connections with customers.
Sellers can manage Instagram and WhatsApp messages in the SHOPLINE background and quickly process multi-channel customer conversations.

Social media made easy with multi-channel management

  • Manage all your social channels, engage new audiences, and grow your brand on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp in one page

SHOPLINE's intelligent AI chat assistant saves time for sellers by automatically replying, and gives quick responses according to different conversation scenarios to make customers have a better shopping experience.

Save time chat assistant

  • SHOPLINE’s Smart AI Chat Assistant saves you time with auto-reply and pre-set replies

  • Pre-assign default messages for staff to quickly engage with customers

SHOPLINE enables sellers to provide customized listings based on their customers' chat keywords, providing personalized content and options for customers.

Personalise your customer experience with tailored catalogues

  • Serve relevant content to customers by offering tailored catalogues based on customers’ preferences during a chat

  • Make sense of conversations by categorising them using keyword tags automatically

SHOPLINE supports sellers to directly create order links during chatting with customers and send them to customers. Through high-quality customer service dialogue, orders can be concluded and sales can be increased.

Convert conversations into sales

  • Instantly create order links directly in the message centre during a chat

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