Multichannel ecommerce suite for efficiency

ShopHub's comprehensive multi-channel management system is feature-packed with solutions for ecommerce businesses to grow and scale
ShopHub's comprehensive multi-channel management system is feature-packed with solutions for ecommerce businesses to grow and scale.
3 advantages to choose shophub

Why choose ShopHub?

  • Complete Order Management
    Connect to OneShip for local and regional logistics fulfilment
  • Major Marketplace Integration
    Integrate and fulfil orders from popular online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada for global growth
  • Scale Omnichannel Growth
    Enable your business to grow by selling across online and offline channels, reaching a wider audience and creating new revenue streams


Product Management

Connect products across channels
  • Create and publish products to all your channels
  • Enjoy real-time auto-sync of products from all channels
  • Consolidate your product library within one platform
Powerful bulk action capabilities
  • Easily update products lines with bulk upload and add features
  • Manage your product listings with duplicate, and edit capabilities
  • Simplify categorisation with batch actions for groupings
Streamlined channel listing management
  • Duplicate product listings across multiple channels
  • Easily move products between sales channels

Order Management

Unified cross-channel order hub
  • Centralized dashboard for seamless control
  • Intelligent fulfilment prioritisation
Integrated sales channels
  • Automatically sync orders from SHOPLINE, Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, and TikTok Shop
Efficient order management & fulfillment
  • Organised dashboard for easy navigation
  • Filter order status with quick tabs
  • Save time with bulk actions
Streamlined shipping process
  • Execute shipments in bulk effortlessly
  • Print multiple shipping labels at once
  • Easily track delivery status

Inventory Management

Optimised inventory management across channels
  • Maximise sales opportunities with real-time synchronization
  • Shared inventory for seamless integration
  • Automatic stock deduction
  • Safety stock alerts for timely replenishment
Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Optimise inventory for streamlined operations
  • Increase sales across channels
Unified inventory management
  • Monitor and view inventory on a single dashboard with auto-sync, eliminating manual calculations

Data Analytics

Insightful data analysis for informed decisions
  • Analyze sales data and trends by channel, store, and product including: order quantities, revenue generated, shopper statistics, average order value (AOV), time periods and trends

Channels supported by

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