SHOPLINE 2.0 – The Latest Upgrade in Omnichannel Retail


SHOPLINE’s aim is to be a Global Smart Commerce Enabler. This means that we always need to be at the cutting edge of retail technology, and must constantly evolve and update with the digital commerce industry. As retail shifts not just digitally, but towards omnichannel synergy post-pandemic, SHOPLINE is launching its latest update to better serve these digital commerce needs.

Our new features include:

1. New Pricing Plan

SHOPLINE's new pricing plan

To better serve our diverse range of merchants, from startups to enterprise clients, we have made improvements to our pricing plans. We now offer three simple pricing tiers: Basic, Professional, and Premium. The Starter plan is priced at 39 SGD, the Essential plan at 89 SGD, and the Premium plan at 349 SGD. These three pricing tiers are designed to accommodate businesses of varying sizes and needs.

We believe that these pricing options will provide our customers with the flexibility and affordability they require to achieve their business objectives. Our commitment to delivering high-quality e-commerce solutions at a reasonable price remains unwavering, and we look forward to continuing to support our customers' success.

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2. Native Omnichannel Capabilities

SHOPLINE omnichannel ecommerce features
SHOPLINE's native omnichannel capabilities

As part of this revamp, each pricing tier will be natively enabled with omnichannel functionality – eCommerce, Social Commerce, Marketplace Integration, and Point-of-Sales system integration. Merchants will no longer have to purchase a separate plan to start selling on social media or to build a web store. It’s all rolled into each plan – that’s our commitment to providing seamless omnichannel experiences.

3. SHOPLINE App Marketplace

SHOPLINE App Marketplace

One of the largest changes to SHOPLINE in this update is the introduction of our very own App Marketplace. Working with both in-house and 3rd-party developers, the SHOPLINE App Marketplace will be able to constantly provide our merchants with new and exciting features that will help grow their business.

AI Product Recommendations SHOPLINE App Marketplace
SHOPLINE App Marketplace

One such example is our Intelligent Product Recommendations app, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to best recommend products that will suit a brand’s target customer. Such product recommendations have shown increased customer conversion rates and will likely be indispensable to every merchant’s eCommerce store.

We also have apps on our marketplace from 3rd party solutions, such as MailChimp, TikTok, Yahoo, and Snapchat, to name a few, allowing merchants to better manage exactly how they want to sell their products and engage with their customers. All apps are available across pricing tiers.

4. More Flexible and Customizable

SHOPLINE more customizable omnichannel ecommerce store
SHOPLINE makes web stores more flexible and customizable

This SHOPLINE update also makes web stores more responsive, flexible, and customizable. Aside from the App Marketplace, which allows merchants to add features modularly, the new themes and designs available are responsive, allowing brands to customize their store down to the design element, so that every brand can present their products just the way they want it.

This is an especially important update for our enterprise clients who always require unparalleled flexibility in store design, so as to ensure their web store fits their brand.

5. More Ways to Pay

SHOPLINE offers more ways to pay

Studies have shown that shoppers unable to pay with their preferred method are at high risk of cart abandonment. Not only that, a whopping 56% of them may never return to the site. Because of this, we want to make sure we are providing merchants with as many widely used payment options as possible, for each kind of customer.

Most notably, Atome will be the latest payment method added to SHOPLINE, perfect for customers who prefer to Buy Now and Pay Later (BNPL), which is becoming an increasingly popular payment method worldwide. BNPL methods such as Atome have also shown to increase cart size and conversion rates, which will definitely be beneficial to our merchants looking to boost their sales.

6. Better Data, Better Decisions

SHOPLINE offers better data and better decisions

We believe that arming our merchants with the right tools will help them succeed. Few digital tools are as important in the digital commerce space as data. Our revamped real-time analytics dashboard allows merchants to make smarter business decisions driven by data.

Merchants have access to store performance data, with metrics such as Sales Amount & Order Volume, Average Order Value, Return Shopper Rate, Page Views & Store Sessions, Conversion Rate Analysis, Products Sold Chart, and more.

Additionally, merchants are also able to create data reports to get a better overview of their business’s performance, with available reports such as: Product Sales, Traffic Acquisition, Most Searched Words, Shopping Cart Analysis, Shopping Cart Abandonment Analysis, and New & Returning Customers, etc.,

7. An All-in-One Message Center

SHOPLINE message center
SHOPLINE's all-in-one message center

SHOPLINE also revamped one of our core features: our Message Center. Now integrated with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, and SHOPLINE stores, a one-click login to the SHOPLINE Message Center will give merchants a great overview of all their customer communications. Get notified and reply to messages easily, create customer tags and remarks to better segment communications, and assign conversations to different members of the team.

Merchants are also able to create auto-reply templates for frequently asked questions, greatly reducing time spent answering common queries. Most importantly, the SHOPLINE Message Center also enables merchants to easily track order requests and create manual orders to close that conversion loop with buyers.

Our mobile application is also launching soon, which will also have our Message Center available on it. Look forward to it!

8. And More!

  • Revamped transaction fees
  • Membership system based on points, supporting more reward variety
  • Automated abandoned cart emails with editor and discount codes
  • iOS & Android SHOPLINE LIVE app for better management and livestreaming support


SHOPLINE 2.0, as we call it, is more modular, customizable, and powerful than ever before. Our latest app marketplace allows merchants to easily access platform enhancements, and will prove especially useful for smaller merchants who only want to pay for features they need. Meanwhile, our storefront themes have been upgraded as well, making it more responsive and flexible to better reflect each merchant’s individual brand style, and will be indispensable to enterprise clients who need unmatched customizability.

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