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Transform your e-commerce storefront for maximum impact
SHOPLINE transforms your e-commerce storefront for maximum impact.

How SHOPLINE can help you to grow and scale your business

How SHOPLINE can help you to grow and scale your business.
Dynamic discount marketing
Supercharge your revenue and attract a loyal customer base with tailored promotional campaigns designed for maximum impact in your target market.
Seamless workflow automation
Improve efficiency and reduce manual labor by automating routine tasks and processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most - growing your business.
Integrated customer communication
Nurture lasting relationships with your customers using our unified live chat and messaging platform, conveniently consolidating all your communication channels for a frictionless customer journey.
Go global with confidence
Break through geographical barriers and tap into new markets, elevating your brand's global presence with our comprehensive tools and expert support.



Global and local online payment options for frictionless transactions and customer experiences that convert.
Shopline Payments
Benefit from competitive credit card rates and a seamless integration of popular payment methods, including ApplePay, GooglePay, and GrabPay, all through our user-friendly SHOPLINE Payments platform.
Buy Now Pay Later
Provide your customers with the financial flexibility they need by offering short-term, interest-free financing options through our integration with reputable services like Grab PayLater and Atome.
Partial Payments
Use our innovative pre-order app to secure deposits for high-value or pre-order items, safeguarding your revenue and reducing the risk of lost sales due to delayed payments or cancellations.
Product Subscription
Customise and manage recurring payment intervals with ease, ensuring timely shipments for your customers while keeping them informed with automated reminders and updates about their subscriptions.
Payment Links
Improve your customers' shopping experience by sending them direct payment links, streamlining the checkout process and minimising friction, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.


Simplify your product inventory across sales channels with a centralised product database for unmatched accuracy and efficiency.
Comprehensive Products Library
Effortlessly add and manage unlimited product listings, seamlessly publishing them across various sales channels for maximum exposure.
Product Categories
Organise your products by brand, price range, promotions, and more, enabling easier filtering and enhanced navigation for customers.
Stock Visibility
Monitor stock availability across all sales channels, capitalising on every sales opportunity and preventing stockouts or overstocking.
Multi-location Inventory
Allocate inventory across multiple locations and sales channels, optimising inventory distribution to maximise profitability and efficiency.


Effortlessly sync data and purchase history with unified customer management for a sophisticated customer experience.
Customer Profiles
Gain valuable insights into customer sources, registration and subscription statuses, and spending capacity to better tailor your marketing strategies.
Customer Segmentation
Effortlessly create and segment customer profiles using SHOPLINE's powerful marketing tools for effective remarketing campaigns.
Unified Customer Database
Maintain consistent customer data across all sales channels, including e-commerce, social commerce, messaging centres, and brick-and-mortar stores, for a holistic view of your clientele.
Track Order History
Monitor sales data and track order history from various sources within a single, unified admin panel for simplified analysis and reporting.

Loyalty & affiliate marketing

Empower loyalty and growth with a comprehensive affiliate marketing solution that boosts retention and expands your reach.
Membership Tier
Engage and retain top customers with exclusive benefits, offering tailored rewards for each membership level and renewal.
Points System
Establish unique point-earning rules for each member tier, incentivising repeat purchases and fostering loyalty.
Member Referrals
Expand your customer base and increase retention with a rewarding referral program for both existing customers and their friends.
Store Credits
Encourage customer loyalty and long-term relationships by offering store credits and strategically-defined usage periods.
Branded Gift Cards
Promote brand awareness and customer loyalty with store-exclusive gift cards for self-purchase or gifting to others.
Interactive Nudges
Automatically display pop-ups that guide customers through sign-ups, reward redemption, and referrals for a smoother, more enjoyable customer journey.
Birthday Reward
Delight customers with special birthday offers using customizable email templates, fostering a more personal shopping experience.
Affiliate Marketing
Efficiently identify and collaborate with influencers, while easily setting up rewarding systems for affiliates and customers alike.


Captivate your customers to maximise exposure by using SHOPLINE's advanced toolkit to deliver engaging promotions and striking visuals.
Discount Types
Maximise sales and customer satisfaction by implementing targeted promotions, such as flash sales, buy X get Y, free gifts, and member pricing, carefully tailored to your audience's needs and preferences.
Cart Progress Bar
Create a visually appealing progress bar to help customers track their proximity to unlocking exclusive offers, increasing their motivation to complete purchases.
Product Bundling
Capitalise on cross-selling opportunities with our intelligent product bundling system, optimising discounted bundles and add-ons to drive revenue growth.
Conversion Booster
Utilise state-of-the-art features like product labels, cart countdown timers, viewer counts, and sales counts to create excitement, enhance the shopping experience, and drive sales.
Instagram Feed
Expand your brand's exposure and harness the power of social proof with integrated Instagram feeds and product tagging, allowing customers to easily share and discover your products.
Review Management
Use reviews from your customers to nurture your brand trust and search engine rankings, while promoting customer feedback.
Product Customisation
Make use of our easy-to-use customisation templates to enable customers to create personalised products, ultimately increasing satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty.
Product Recommendation
Incorporate custom or automated configurations to showcase relevant product suggestions based on customer behaviour, enriching the shopping experience and increasing average order value.
Themes & App Blocks
Choose from over 25 free themes and versatile app blocks that support seamless integration, enhancing your store's functionality and visual appeal while streamlining the customer experience.


Elevate your email marketing game with effortless, high impact campaigns that leave an impression on your customers.
Automation Tools
Leverage intuitive pre-set automation templates for effortless email scheduling and tailored audience targeting. Fine-tune delay intervals and conditions to reach diverse customer segments and optimise engagement.
Comprehensive Themes
Browse an extensive library of templates designed for a wide range of industries and use-cases to enhance customer loyalty and consistently reflect your brand's unique identity.
Customer Segmentation
Effortlessly create custom segments or use our recommended customer categories to classify contacts in real-time, ensuring your messages effectively resonate with the most relevant audience.
Smart Email Builder
Customise professional email templates using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface with product or discount blocks. No coding experience is required - streamlining the design process and saving you time.
Discount Application
Conveniently link your SHOPLINE-generated discount codes to Smartpush campaigns with a single click, simplifying the application of promotional offers and boosting customer engagement.
Third Party Integrations
Expand your marketing capabilities and cater to your unique needs with support for integrating a range of email marketing platforms, providing a comprehensive toolkit for your promotional campaigns.

Flow automation

Set up custom workflows that help to automate daily tasks for better customer, inventory and after-sales management.
Scenario-based Workflows
Choose from over 20 pre-built flow automation templates, enabling easy customization of triggers, actions, and conditions for diverse scenarios to suit your business needs.
App Integration
Experience hassle-free integration with Smartpush for automated email and campaign execution, eliminating the need to switch between features and applications.
Effortlessly design and adjust workflow sequences with user-friendly actions, rules, and movable connectors for quick and easy workflow setup.
Execution Log
Monitor the status and details of each workflow execution, providing visibility and facilitating quick amendments in case of any execution failures.
Inventory Management
Automate tagging for low inventory or out-of-stock items, triggering timely email notifications to staff for prompt replenishment.
Customer Management
Classify customers based on spending and order history, enabling precise segmentation for more accurate targeting and personalised marketing efforts.
After-sales Management
Automatically send email alerts to staff or yourself when cancelled or refunded orders reach a specified threshold, helping you monitor product and service quality for continuous improvement.

Analytics & reports

Revolutionise your e-commerce strategy with powerful data insights including in-depth analysis of your customer behaviours, sales margin and inventory movements.
Sales and Profit
Evaluate sales performance using relevant and timely metrics to pinpoint your most profitable products and refine your strategy accordingly.
Inventory Movement
Monitor sell-through rates and monthly ending stock balances for improved inventory management and informed decision-making.
Traffic Acquisition
Gain a deeper understanding of customer sources by region, channel, and device to optimise marketing efforts and reach.
Customer Behaviours
Examine a wide range of conversion metrics to identify drop-off points and implement data-driven improvements for a better customer experience.
Customise Your Reports
Get tailored analysis by selecting preferred metrics and creating custom reports for in-depth, targeted insights that drive business growth.

Cross-border expansion

Go global with ease with SHOPLINE's comprehensive cross-border solutions to scale internationally and gain brand recognition on an international scale.
Seamlessly expand into international markets using a single, unified platform to manage your global presence.
Localised Language Support
Offer a personalised shopping experience with customisable website content tailored to all supported languages, fostering a more engaging and distinctive website.
Local Currency Options
Set preferred conversion rates or product prices for each market to accommodate payments in local currencies for a frictionless customer experience.
Geolocation Redirection
Use the Geolocation plugin to automatically redirect customers to their home or preferred region, ensuring accurate sales tracking and a tailored shopping experience.
Integrated Logistics
Leverage our comprehensive logistics solution, OneShip, to streamline shipments, book couriers, and track parcels with real-time status updates, simplifying your global operations.

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