Revolutionise your ecommerce shipping experience with

Streamline your operations and skyrocket your sales using our all-in-one platform
Revolutionise your ecommerce shipping experience with oneship

Why Use OneShip?

the advantages of using oneship
Comprehensive domestic and international shipping solutions
Optimise your logistics process with OneShip's all-in-one e-commerce shipping platform, ensuring swift and cost-effective delivery for a wide range of products both locally and globally
Unified order management hub
Effortlessly manage all your orders through a single, user-friendly platform. Easily monitor your sales and shipments by creating, viewing, editing, and tracking orders from various sales channels in one central location
Enhance efficiency with automation features
Leverage our suite of automation tools designed to boost operational productivity, such as automatic order synchronisation, batch order processing, address matching, and more
Boost brand visibility and accelerate sales growth
Use OneShip to create online stores and promote products on social media platforms, expanding your reach and driving revenue growth by engaging with a broader audience
Impress your customers with a personalised delivery experience
Offer real-time logistics tracking services to keep your customers informed with brand-consistent SMS and email notifications. Provide a tailored touch with customised tracking pages that enhance the overall delivery experience


OneShip dashboard

A comprehensive view of your ecommerce shipping metrics
Shipment tracking
Easily track and monitor all pending, awaiting collection, in-transit, delivered, and rejected shipments with customisable date filters
Order monitoring
Effortlessly manage all pending, in-transit, delivered, and returned orders with the help of date filtering options
OneShip Club membership benefits
Get a clear view of your membership quota, including connected stores, integrated logistics accounts, tracking count, Cash-On-Delivery count, and user count
Account balance management
Efficiently manage your account balance with features like balance top-up, balance monitoring, and access to billing records
Notifications hub
Stay informed with real-time notifications for events such as label generation, booking confirmations, cancellations, failed shipments, completed shipments, and more
Download centre
Access and download all your exported documents and files in one convenient location.
Balance transaction records
Keep track of all your OneShip transactions, with advanced filtering and exporting capabilities.
Logistics gateway integration
Explore and manage all the logistics solutions available on your OneShip account, including user guides for each logistics provider.

Streamlined shipment management

Simplify your daily shipping operations with OneShip's all-in-one shipment management page
Shipping fee estimator
Easily calculate shipping fees for your orders
Order creation
Manually create orders with just a few clicks
Efficient shipment execution
Quickly execute your orders and save time
Sender address management
Manage collections from various locations for different orders
Customised logistics services
Assign unique or shared couriers to each order
Order remarks
Add specific instructions to orders when needed
Bulk order creation
Efficiently create multiple orders at once
Bulk order remarks updates
Update remarks for multiple orders in a single action
Bulk execution tools
Submit multiple waybills, shipping labels, packing slips, and more simultaneously to improve delivery efficiency
Bulk shipping label printing
Print multiple shipping labels and packing slips simultaneously for a more efficient shipping process
Order merging
Automatically merge orders for the same recipient to save on shipping costs
Intuitive search capabilities
Search for orders using the order number, shop order number, product, or recipient name
Customisable filter view
Filter orders by creation time, date, order status, shipment status, source platform, shop, delivery channel, delivery options, recipient country/region, carriers, order remarks, tags, and more
Order overview
Access a comprehensive overview of your shipments, including OneShip order numbers, reference numbers, dispatch locations, recipient details and pick-up methods
Custom header views
Personalise the header tabs for easy access to essential information
Export functionality
Export order and shipment list data as needed
Custom tag management
Organise your orders using custom tags such as 'Pre-Order' and 'To Ship
Real-time logistics management
Create, execute, view, and manage real-time logistics shipment options

Comprehensive tracking management

OneShip's tracking management page allows you to manage all tracking functions and settings
Create individual tracking orders
Use OneShip's customised tracking emails, SMS, and tracking pages for non-OneShip shipments
Bulk order tracking creation
Efficiently create order tracking in bulk for non-OneShip shipments
Advanced search capabilities
Search for order tracking information using order number, shop order number, product, or recipient name
Customisable filter view
Filter your order tracking by carrier, tracking order status, and shipment status
Custom header views
Personalise your header tabs for quick access to the most essential tracking information
Export functionality
Export tracking list data as needed
Branded delivery tracking page
Add a tracking link to your website's navigation bar, making it easy for customers to view tracking information
Tracking page customisation
Set up your brand logo and store promotion image, hide/show OneShip footers or customise your own footers, and modify the title, font colour, and size with a live preview of the settings
Custom domain name
Personalise your delivery tracking page domain name to promote your website and improve brand consistency
Delivery tracking notifications
Enable email/SMS notifications to keep customers informed of delivery status updates automatically
Tailored SMS templates
Craft unique SMS content or choose from system templates, previewing your message before sending
Customisable email templates
Design engaging email notifications with personalised subject lines, content, theme colours, logos, and banners, while controlling the visibility of OneShip's footer
Adaptive multi-node notifications
Deliver a transparent and customer-centric experience by customising logistics nodes and notifications, fostering customer trust and loyalty

Turbocharge your sales

Launch a virtual store on social media to accelerate revenue growth and broaden your customer base
Efficient product management
Easily create and manage product information, including product name, image, SKU, description, variations, unit price, weight, and dimensions
Custom URL creation
Generate a personalised URL for your virtual store and effortlessly manage products within it
Flexible payment method settings
Configure various payment methods for quick orders, such as Cash-On-Delivery, custom payment options, and QR code-based transactions
Customer support information
Effortlessly provide customer service contact information on your Quick Sales URL page for a better customer experience.
Sales Page Favicon Customisation
Upload a unique favicon to be displayed in the title bar of your sales page, reinforcing your brand identity
Customisable privacy agreements
Establish user and privacy agreements to be shown during the customer's order process. Create agreements from scratch or use a template, tailoring the content to your specific needs

Easy billing management

Save time when managing your cash-on-delivery and freight billing processes
Cash-on-delivery management
Efficiently track unpaid and paid cash-on-delivery payments with filters for service providers and billing periods. Access key information and export data as needed
Freight bill management
Simply track shipment billing records organised by billing period for a hassle-free billing experience

Simplified subscription management

Effortlessly manage your OneClub Subscription for a frictionless experience
OneClub plan overview
Stay informed on your OneClub quota, including 3PL shipment count, tracking order count, SMS notification count, and overall account benefits
Add-on quota packages
Easily review and manage 3PL, order tracking, SMS notification, and cash-on-delivery quotas
Convenient quota purchasing
Purchase additional quota for 3PL, tracking order count, SMS notification count, and Cash-On-Delivery with ease
Hassle-free auto-renewal
Enable auto-renewal for your OneClub plan by binding a credit card for a worry-free subscription experience

Seamless delivery automation

Unlock higher efficiency with optimised delivery processes designed for your business needs
Comprehensive address management
Easily create and store sender and receiver information for swift booking arrangements
Smart address validation
Enhance delivery accuracy and reduce failed deliveries with automatic shipping address verification
Default sender preferences
Automatically apply a preferred sender address to all orders and shipments
Flexible cash-on-delivery settings
Configure your preferred Cash-On-Delivery options with ease
Tailored logistic service selection
Set default logistics providers based on region and delivery preferences
Organised order archiving
Quickly classify and manage orders for a streamlined workflow
Size configuration
Input commonly used parcel sizes for accurate shipping cost calculations
Dynamic currency conversion
Access real-time exchange rates for hassle-free customs clearance price conversions
Customisable label and pick list printing
Adjust printing settings, including information masking and label size, to your preferences
Automated product name translation
Simplify customs clearance with auto-translated declared product names

Unified integration

Effortlessly integrate your eCommerce store, delivery courier accounts, and more
Comprehensive store management
Efficiently manage new and existing eCommerce store connections, including settings and guidelines
Personalised logistics account connection
Link your logistics account to benefit from your negotiated shipping rates

Comprehensive account management

Conveniently manage all aspects of your OneShip account settings
Flexible admin settings
Control the number of users connected to your OneShip account and grant access to OneShip personnel for testing, viewing, or resolving issues
Simplified account dashboard
Access key OneShip account information, including account name, email, registered mobile, and account region. Easily delete your account or reset your password
Customisable language settings
Set your preferred language for a personalised account experience
Help Center
Explore a library of FAQs and guidelines for quick assistance
Responsive live chat support
Chat live with our customer service representatives for help with all aspects of OneShip

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