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Leverage state-of-the-art technology to drive your social commerce success
SHOPLINE helps you to leverage state-of-the-art technology to drive your social commerce success.

How SHOPLINE can help you to grow and scale your business

How SHOPLINE can help you to grow and scale your business.
Cost-effective, high-impact solution
Boost sales on social channels with SHOPLINE's affordable, advanced features tailored for modern sellers. Empower your business and watch your revenue soar.
Unified communication hub
Utilize SHOPLINE's smart chat automation for seamless customer experiences. Set up automatic keyword replies and intelligent conversation routing to improve response times and reduce your workload.
Intelligent chat automation
Utilize SHOPLINE's smart chat automation for seamless customer experiences. Set up automatic keyword replies and intelligent conversation routing to improve response times and reduce your workload.
Instant order capturing
Capture sales opportunities with SHOPLINE's rapid order capture feature. Seamlessly place orders during live sessions or via post interactions using keyword comments, turning casual browsing into successful conversions.


Centralized inbox

Consolidate your social channels and online store messages in our Message Center, enabling seamless management within a single platform - no need to switch between pages or devices.
Channel Integrations
Connect all your social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram, with SHOPLINE's centralised inbox - no more switching between different pages or devices, everything is in one platform.
Customer Management
Achieve data unification by merging profiles and syncing all customer and order information across different platforms for a complete view of your customer's journey.
Checkout Links
Simplify your checkout process - create orders, add products, and send checkout links directly to your customers, reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing your sales.
Chatbot Automation
Manage customer inquiries more efficiently with automatic conversation assigning and smart replies to ensure that your customers receive quick and accurate support, even when you're not physically available.
Product Catalogue
Help your customers make better purchase decisions with SHOPLINE's pre-set product catalogue - showcase your products and enable easy add-to-cart and checkout right from the chat window, improving your customer's shopping experience.
Voice Messages
Receive and play voice messages from different channels with SHOPLINE's message centre to enjoy more precise communication and faster response times, enhancing your customer support capabilities.

Live & Post sales

Boost authenticity and foster personalised engagement with customers through real-time social platform sales.
Multi-Channel Sales
Expand your reach and start live selling on Facebook and Instagram by connecting to your social pages or creating a live stream directly within SHOPLINE for a seamless selling experience.
Capture more sales from different groups of audiences by cross-posting your live videos across multiple pages. Also, collaborate with partners or affiliates and reach a wider audience.
Comment Selling
Assign keywords to your products, and customers can place an order simply by commenting with the designated keyword, streamlining your sales process and increasing conversions
Inventory Reservation
Allow customers to continue live shopping and checkout at a later time - set an inventory reservation period, and products will be saved until the expiry time, reducing the risk of cart abandonment and increasing sales.
Promotional Campaigns
Increase customer interaction and traffic by leveraging games and rewards to create a more engaging atmosphere and boost sales.
Performance Dashboard
Monitor your live progress, manage customer conversations, and upload products all within your performance dashboard to make live streaming hassle-free and more efficient.
Comment Label Printing
Automate keyword comment printing to simplify your order fulfilment process for accurate orders and consolidated deliveries, while reducing the risk of missed parcels.
Post Sales
Transform your social posts into an order-capturing tool - apply the comment selling feature to your posts, ensuring continuous sales even when you're not actively selling.

Channel Integrations

Amplify your potential and seamlessly integrate diverse channels to deliver an exceptional shopping experience for your customers with SHOPLINE.
Elevate your Facebook advertising and monitor your campaigns with SHOPLINE's Facebook Business Extension integration that automatically syncs your product feeds.
Make your Instagram shoppable with SHOPLINE's integration. Showcase and sell your products directly on your Instagram shop, improving your customer's shopping experience and driving more sales.
Save time and improve your customer satisfaction with WhatsApp for Business API integration - manage customer inquiries, order tracking, and customer support directly on WhatsApp.
Boost your sales and improve customer engagement with SHOPLINE's Telegram integration. Send pre-set product catalogues and discount codes directly to your customers, making it easy for them to browse and purchase products right within the chat.
Live Chat
Stay connected with your customers by adding the SHOPLINE live chat widget to your website so that you can quickly resolve issues and provide personalised support - all through our unified platform.

Link In Bio Tool

Unify your social presence with Linkiee, sync your products effortlessly, and expand your sales horizons beyond your website.
Connect Social Profiles
Craft a singular link to unite your profiles from leading platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Email, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, Amazon, Shopee, and Lazada. Enjoy streamlined management and increased visibility with SHOPLINE's Linkiee.
Content Modules
Elevate your page with an extensive array of content modules from SHOPLINE. Incorporate diverse content types, including images, videos, and forms, to deliver a captivating and tailor-made experience for your audience.
Page Customisation
Transform your social media presence into a revenue-generating powerhouse by seamlessly syncing your products from SHOPLINE to Linkiee. Boost your earnings and extend your customer reach with ease.
Product Selling
Monetise your social media channels by automatically syncing your products from SHOPLINE to Linkiee and start selling instantly, increasing your revenue and customer reach.
Affiliate Link
Maximise your earning potential with SHOPLINE's affiliate link feature. Collaborate with renowned brands, and earn commissions, while effortlessly growing your income.

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