Back-to-School Marketing Campaign Ideas 2023


Back-to-school time

Undergraduate programmes at public universities in Singapore start in August every year, while postgraduate programmes start in January and August, and the start time for private universities in Singapore is variable, depending on the school's start time. The second semester of primary and secondary school term 4 will start on 11 September. The start of the school year in other areas is usually between August and September. During the school season everyone usually does their shopping to prepare for the new term in advance. So what are the picks and marketing strategies for the school season? 

Products for the school season

Based on the amount of money spent on product categories during the 2019 to 2022 back-to-school season, it is clear that electronics and clothing are very popular in both schools and colleges. Spending on electronics and dorm room supplies is trending up overall, while clothing and shoes are trending more smoothly. So we've compiled a list of products suitable for selling during the back-to-school season for your reference.

Source: Back-to-Class Shopping Expected to Reach Record Levels

1. Stationeries

Prepare essential stationeries for students, including pencils, erasers, rulers, calculators and so on. You can choose some cute designs or personalised school supplies to stimulate children's interest in using these stationeries for learning. A proper stationery box is also important, as it needs to be able to hold all the necessary stationery. 

2. School bags

Choose a comfortable and durable school bag so that children can carry their books and other belongings comfortably. Also, consider designs that are waterproof for Singapore's rainy weather.

3. Electronic devices

For older children, a laptop or tablet may also be necessary. These devices can be used for completing homework, research and online learning. Also, consider purchasing a headset for the kids so that they can concentrate on listening to instructional videos or audio while studying.

4. Sports equipment

It is essential to choose the right sports equipment to enable kids to excel in their school's physical education classes. You can prepare a pair of suitable sports shoes, sportswear and sports equipment such as basketballs, footballs or table tennis paddles.

5. Water containers

To ensure that children can consume a sufficient amount of water during the school day, it's important to choose a drinking water container that is medium-sized and easy to carry. Choose a style with a straw or a flip-top lid to make it easier for them to drink.

6. Sun protection products

Considering the intense sunshine in Singapore, it is important to ensure that children are well protected from the sun. Pack a bottle of sunscreen and a hat or umbrella to protect their skin from the sun.

Marketing strategies for the school season

1. Promotion

In advance to develop promotional plans for the school season, including special offers, bundled sales, giveaways and other preferential activities, for example, you can launch a study set or stationery combinations for combined sales. For electronic products, you can provide student discounts or special offers to attract consumers to buy.

2. Online marketing

Online marketing can promote special offers and provide shopping advice and coupons for the school season through social media platforms, TV ads and other channels to attract more consumers' attention and purchase, and enhance the brand awareness and attractiveness.

3. Collaborate with schools

Participate in school activities or exhibitions during the school season to showcase products to students and parents, and collaborate with local schools to launch exclusive offers to increase brand exposure and attract target consumers.

4. Organise events

You can organise school season themed events, such as online academic lectures and interactive parent-child activities, to provide educational information and parenting advice about the new school year, increase brand value and reliability, and attract target consumers.

Advantages of e-commerce platforms during the school season

1. Clear target group

The school season is a key time for students and families to buy school supplies. If the products or services offered by the brand match the theme of the school season, the independent website can focus on the two target groups of students and parents, provide personalisation to meet their needs, and thus promote sales.

2. Brand image building

With an independent website, you are free to design and display your own website interface and build your own brand image and story. Especially during the special time of the school season, you can establish a good connection with students and parents. The establishment of a brand image can enhance customers' recognition and loyalty to the brand.

3. Low cost

Compared to brick-and-mortar shops, standalone stations have lower operating costs. Also, independent stations can utilise digital marketing tools such as social media and email marketing to reduce marketing costs.

If you're interested in conducting your own e-commerce during the school season, try a free trial of SHOPLINE first. It can help you focus on the needs of students and families, build your brand identity, and market during the school season.

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