The Digital Marketing Secret: Unlocking Media Power for Business Success


Are you an e-commerce business owner seeking the key to success? Well, here's a little secret: winning the battle for your e-commerce empire is only halfway accomplished with the creation of your website. To win among competitors, your first crucial step is to increase awareness regarding the purchase funnel then ultimately drive traffic into sales.

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Digital Marketing is the game-changer that should come to mind when devising your marketing strategy. But hold on a moment! While Instagram and Facebook Ads may have crossed your thoughts, they represent just a single part of the vast digital marketing landscape.

If you’ve been sleeping on your digital marketing strategy, this blog is for you. We will walk through different digital marketing strategies and we will expand the usage of different channels.

Stick with us, and you will gain a lot of insights for your digital marketing in no time!

Table of Content

  • What Is Digital Marketing?
  • Paid Media
  • Earned Media
  • Shared Media
  • Owned Media

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has transformed the business landscape, replacing traditional outbound methods with a more accessible and competitive online approach.

Within the digital marketing ecosystem, there is a PESO, but it’s not the monetary unit. It stands for Paid Media, Earned Media, Shared Media, and Owned Media. Each of these media types plays an important role in executing successful digital marketing strategies.

Join us as we explore the depths of this PESO and amplify your brand's voice.

Paid Media

Paid channels, specifically digital advertising, is that you pay for the content to be displayed and gain access to the platform's existing customer categories.

According to STATISTA's analysis, advertising spending in the Asia Pacific region is projected to grow by 6.5% in 2024. This growth can be attributed to the fact that paid media allows merchants to effectively raise awareness among the potential customers who may not be familiar with the brand.

Let's dive into the awesome categories of paid media:

  • Display Ads: Display and paid social media campaigns, and leverage social media platforms such as Tiktok and Meta Ads, which have valuable backend data on potential customers, including demographics, interests, age, gender, and locations. It's the secret sauce to target your audience with precision and make a lasting impact.
  • PPC Ads/SEA : Dominate the search engine realm with search engine marketing (SEM). Bid on keywords to secure top positions on search engine result pages, like Google search results.
  • Affiliate Media: Collaborating with other websites is an effective strategy to increase visibility and drive traffic to your online shop or product. Additionally, you can select the best matched websites, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts with specific target audiences accordingly.
  • Promoted/ Sponsored Posts:This is the collaboration with influencers, who create engaging content featuring your products. With the help of this channel you can tap into the influencer's audience and benefit from their credibility and reach to effectively market your products.

Earned Media

These are the posts, reviews, and user experiences shared by your passionate consumers on social media. It's like positive electronic word-of-mouth, spreading the love for your brand organically.

Let's unlock the potential of earned media by exploring how to maximise its impact using the following methods: 

  • Product Building: Focus on quality, innovation, and delivering exceptional experiences. When your customers are impressed with your offerings, they'll become your brand advocates, eagerly sharing their experiences with others.
  • Paid Media Integration: Paid media can help boost the visibility of user-generated content (UGC) and earned media posts. The combination can help to strengthen brand credibility and attract even more attention.
  • Psychology of Praise: Elevate the product packaging and design captivating decorations that are worth sharing. By creating a visual experience, their posts will attract more likes and attract the desire to share from the heart.

Shared Media

Shared media, where content spreads across various third-party platforms, serving as a powerful PR(press release) tool for brand awareness building. It fosters content sharing, ranging from engaging in comments and retweets to collaborative content creation. It encompasses social media and customer-generated content, originating directly from individual customers rather than traditional press or widespread channels.

Share media creates a sense of community and empowers customers to become active participants in shaping the narrative surrounding your brand.

  • Social Media Platforms Comments: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest, which provide open comment sections, allowing users to express their thoughts, engage in discussions, and connect with like-minded individuals who share an interest in your brand.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC): It can help to launch strategic hashtag campaigns. This not only boosts engagement but also cultivates a sense of community as users actively participate and contribute their unique perspectives. In addition, you can use an instagram feed to place relevant UGC posts directly under your product page.
  • Blogs Comments : Embrace the interactive nature of blogs by opening up the comments section. Encouraging readers to leave comments dialogue, enables them to share their thoughts, and deepens their connection with your brand. Additionally, incorporating social media share icons within your blog posts makes it easy for readers to amplify your content across different social media platforms

Owned Media

Owned media consists of channels that are fully under your control, allowing you to shape and deliver your brand message effectively. These channels include your website, mobile apps, email lists, and branded social channels. They provide a cost-efficient way to engage with your audience and build brand credibility.

  • Brand Websites And Mobile Apps: Your website serves as your primary owned media asset, acting as the cornerstone of your online presence. A well-designed website captures visitors' attention and seamlessly integrates with other media channels.It establishes brand credibility and serves as the go-to resource for customers to learn about your brand and make purchases.
  • Company Blogs: Blogs allow you to showcase your brand's authenticity, establish a consistent brand tone, and position yourself as an industry expert. They serve as an educational platform, nurturing your audience and demonstrating your expertise in your specific industry.
  • E-store: Your online store is a vital component of your owned media ecosystem. It provides a platform for customers to explore, browse, and make purchases. Creating an engaging and user-friendly e-store experience is crucial for driving conversions and strengthening brand loyalty.
  • Visual and Audio Channels: Consider utilising various forms of media placements, such as banners, videos, and podcasts, to further extend your brand's reach and visibility.

PESO Model -  Channel Categories

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