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If you’re struggling to attract traffic to your E-commerce store, you’ve likely encountered common problems, such as high advertising costs, time-consuming SEO work, and long-term investments with little payoff. That’s where EasyRank SEO, an all-in-one SEO tool comes in! We help your E-commerce store generate more customers and sales through an extensive range of Professional SEO Services. 

In this blog, we’ll share what EasyRank SEO is, why SEO is important for E-commerce store optimisation, and why you can use the EasyRank SEO tool to gain unpaid traffic easily. Search engine optimisation or SEO for short is important for E-commerce store optimisation as well as it will increase your worldwide presence in Google search results.

What is EasyRank SEO?

EasyRank SEO incorporates a number of functions, including SEO site audit, Google Search Console integration, keyword research, keyword recommendation, URL meta batch efficiency optimisation, readability detection, image ALT optimisation, blog post intelligence production, and structured data. You won’t have to bother about SEO site audits or keyword research with EasyRank SEO. EasyRank SEO AI can generate blog material, social media copywriting, advertisement copywriting, and email copywriting. Additionally, high-efficient SEO can assist you to notice the benefit of a natural Google traffic spike in a short period.

EasyRank SEO - The All-in-One SEO tool to grow your site's organic Google traffic

SEO is critical for optimising an E-commerce store. According to research, organic search accounts for 53% of internet traffic, making it a cost-effective strategy to drive people to your company. When SEO and advertising are combined, they can provide a 1+1>2 effect. Many successful businesses heavily rely on SEO for store traffic whether you are a B2B, B2C boutique, DTC brand vendor, or in any other particular sector.

Advantages of SEO:

  • Generate a substantial volume of free traffic to the store without spending any money on advertising.
  • Outperforming competitors. Achieving a higher website ranking will result in gaining more customer traction.
  • In contrast to advertising, customers from SEO tend to have greater trust, making it easier to convert them into buyers for the store.

When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, experience counts. This is why many successful independent E-commerce entrepreneurs sharpened their skills in foreign trade SEO. Even major brands such as SHEIN started with SEO. With our new SEO tool, managing your website’s optimization has become easier than ever.

Domain Overview - shein.com
Shein.com SEO data

SEO holds a vital role in directing traffic to Shein.com, responsible for nearly 79% (15.1M/ 18.4M) of the website’s total traffic. Currently, search accounts contribute to almost 42.38% of the website’s overall traffic, emphasising the significance of SEO. Although it is worth noting that learning and implementing efficient SEO practices can be costly, challenging, and time-consuming, investing in SEO can result in significant advantages for businesses seeking to boost their online presence and reach.

During the SEO process, you may face several challenges such as:

  • Difficulty in identifying SEO issues despite no change in ranking
  • Lack of reliable data to optimise keywords
  • Tedious task of individually optimizing URLs on the site
  • Time-consuming and demanding process of creating diverse content.

EasyRank SEO is the ultimate solution to tackle these challenges head-on! With EasyRank SEO, you can now achieve top-notch SEO without any prior experience in the field. Plus, you won’t need any assistance from foreign experts in creating blogs. Get ready to experience the power of EasyRank SEO and elevate your website’s rankings effortlessly! Download EasyRank SEO and try it out for free!

Deciding If EasyRank SEO is the Right SEO Tool for You?

  • Improved precision in automatic SEO diagnosis and repair

Performing daily SEO tasks can be a daunting challenge without the aid of proper SEO tools. Some problems are too intricate to resolve manually, like when you cannot identify the SEO issue despite the website’s ranking remaining unchanged. In such cases, an SEO diagnostic tool is indispensable. However, most SEO diagnosis tools currently available in the market either lack the capability to integrate with E-commerce store data or have limited diagnosis strategies and dimensions, which makes it challenging to identify and solve problems with precision.

If you’re running an E-commerce store, you know that search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for driving traffic and sales. However, identifying and fixing SEO issues can be a time-consuming and complicated process. Fortunately, EasyRank SEO crawler can help. This powerful tool mimics the behaviour of GoogleBot to analyze your store and pinpoint areas for improvement, such as meta titles, descriptions, keywords, broken links, and image ALT tags. Best of all, it’s completely free to use every day. And when you do find problems, EasyRank also offers a quick and efficient repair function to help you address them quickly and accurately.

EasyRank is your business' personal SEO diagnostic expert
  • Keyword research and People Also Ask (PAA) expansion are easier

The first step of SEO requires a clear niche market and keywords to guide subsequent onsite and offsite SEO efforts. 

For example:

  • How much SEO traffic space/business value is there for the market you are working in?
  • How much time, effort and resource investment can display the keywords on the first page of Google SERP?
  • What SEO metrics data are available? What are the related keywords, long tail keywords, etc.?
  • What are the questions frequently asked by overseas consumers around the core keywords?

You may find that there are various aspects to consider when conducting keyword research and analysis, such as search volume, search intent, and keyword difficulty. This process often requires daily management using tools like Excel for keyword layout and onsite content optimisation. However, managing a large number of focus keywords and URLs can become tedious and inconvenient, which may also cause keyword stuffing and keyword cannibalization. Furthermore, using data analysis software like Ahrefs and SEMrush can be expensive.

To expand your E-commerce store’s reach to new markets, you know that conducting thorough keyword research is crucial for SEO success. But with so many countries and niches to consider, it can be challenging to access accurate and comprehensive data. That’s where EasyRank SEO comes in. With its extensive database of keyword data, EasyRank allows you to conduct research for different countries and niches, providing metrics such as monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, customer acquisition cost (CPC), and frequently asked questions by overseas consumers. This data can help you generate ideas for creating blog content and FAQ pages, which can be used to optimize your site’s SEO and drive traffic from new markets. So if you’re looking to expand your e-commerce store’s reach, EasyRank SEO is an excellent tool to consider.

EasyRank - Keyword Research Helper
  • Optimise Website’s URLs for Better Search Engine Visibility

Have you faced these challenges when optimising URL TDKU (title, description, keywords, URL handle, and user experience) for SEO purposes?

  • How to efficiently optimise a large number of URLs on your website?
  • How to address the internal competition that may arise between different SEO-focused keywords?
  • How to strategically include keywords in the URL meta title and description?
  • How to write effective meta descriptions for different types of pages (products, product sets, blogs, blog sets)?
  • How to determine which related keywords to include based on the primary focus keyword?
  • How to ensure that the meta titles and descriptions are both optimized and reader-friendly, and what metrics to use to test them?

EasyRank SEO provides a solution for all the prior mentioned problems in URL optimisation scenarios. It optimizes the Meta information of each URL based on the focus keywords, recommends the best meta title and description for each URL, and uses AI content tools and readability detection to improve the inclusion rate and ranking of website URLs quickly.

EasyRank - On-site SEO Optimiser, Meta optimisation, Image SEO, Broken link repair

Bulk URL optimisation:

Using EasyRank SEO’s variable fields and SEO templates create rules to optimise URLs in bulk, solving the problem of SEO information from 0 to 1.

Optimise Meta Information:

Based on Focus Keywords. Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, URL Handle, EasyRank SEO creates the best meta title and description for each URL and solves the problem from existence to excellence.

Intelligent recommendation of related keywords:

Based on the focus keywords within each URL, page type, etc., EasyRank SEO intelligently recommends relevant keywords that match the following conditions: the user’s search intent, good natural SEO search volume and high relevance. It also highlights the focus and relevant keywords.

Real-time readability detection:

When you edit the meta title and meta description of a URL, EasyRank SEO will perform real-time SEO readability detection.

EasyRank SEO AI Content Feature:

This tool can automatically generate good meta descriptions for the URLs of products, product sets, blog posts, and blog sets

Simplifying the process of blogs, social media content, and advertising content

Content creation, including writing blogs, social media posts, and marketing copy, is an essential aspect of SEO. The quality of the content directly affects the quality of traffic and can impact conversion rates. Well-written content can attract more long-tail traffic and increase social signals, which can boost the site’s trust with Google and have a positive impact on SEO.

However, due to the volume of content required and language barriers, content creation can be challenging.

Challenges that companies encounter when creating content:

  • What kind of blog post titles can earn better SEO traffic?
  • How to attract more traffic when posting the copy on social media such as Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok?
  • What kind of copy is suitable for propagating the features and advantages of the product?

EasyRank SEO provides AI content tools powered by GPT-3 algorithm to businesses, enabling them to easily and smartly generate content for their blogs, social media posts (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Youtube), advertising, emails, press releases, and more. Utilizing AI content tools not only improves time management and efficiency but also saves money on hiring foreign language specialists.

At the same time, the content produced by EasyRank SEO is diverse, encompassing 28 different usage situations and 9 different types of writing styles. The high level of originality in the produced content leads to less duplication with website content, which can help prevent being identified as spam by Google and have a beneficial effect on website inclusion and ranking.


EasyRank SEO is built on the premise that the best way to improve a website’s search engine ranking, is to focus on one thing: providing better information to Google. Whether you’re an experienced SEO professional or someone who’s just getting started with your SHOPLINE store, EasyRank SEO makes it easy to optimise your site’s meta information and content in a way that will help your page rank higher. Try out EasyRank SEO for free today!

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