5 Tips for Email Marketing in the Summer Sale 2023


Advantages of using email marketing during summer sale

Summer is the peak season for people to travel. And it is a time when demand for consumer goods such as holiday supplies and outdoor activity supplies is relatively strong. In addition, summer is also the time with the highest temperatures and people's lives and work are affected by the need to purchase summer essentials such as cool drinks and sun-protective clothing. Sellers can therefore use this time to launch targeted promotions to increase the competitiveness of their products. Email marketing can strengthen brand awareness. Through email marketing, you can show potential customers your products or services and explain why they are suitable for summer shopping needs, stimulating them to buy your products. You can also offer exclusive discounts and offers to existing customers and encourage them to continue choosing your brand, which helps to build long-term customer relationships and increase customer retention.

Tips for email marketing during summer sale

1. Emphasise the summer theme

The content of your emails should include elements such as a short introduction, detailed product information, images or videos. Highlight summer elements and themes in your emails, such as beaches, holidays, hot weather, etc. Use summer-related images and colours to catch the reader's attention and create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. It is also important to clearly emphasise in your email that your product or service solves a problem or meets a need that your customers may have during summer. For example, if you sell sunscreen, you can emphasise its sun protection and skin protection in the hot sun.

2. Emphasise information about summer promotions

Emphasise promotional information in your emails for summer sales, such as offering special discounts, coupons or limited time offers and event times. Make sure that the details and conditions of the offer are clearly stated in the email to inspire your readers to buy. For summer promotions, you can use words that match the promotion, such as 'discount' and ‘limited time offer’, to attract a wider target audience. You can also use terms such as ‘limited time offer’ and ‘exclusive summer sale’ in your emails to create a sense of urgency and encourage readers to act quickly to take advantage of special summer offers, speeding up their decision-making process.


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3. Personalised marketing strategies

Personalised marketing can increase the conversion rate of your emails. Customised email content and promotions can be provided for each audience based on their previous summer purchase history, preferences and geographical location. Then, based on the customer's preferred summer activities or needs, target the appropriate products or services.

4、Timing of sending emails

During the summer sales period, many companies will use email marketing to promote their products and services. Therefore, the timing of sending is very important. Generally speaking, the best time to send is between 9am and 3pm on a weekday (Tuesday to Thursday). This will ensure maximum attention. The time of day is one of the most important factors in the open rate of an email. When choosing the time of day to send, you need to consider your target audience's work schedule, time zone and other factors in order to send your emails during the best time of day.

5. Conduct testing and data analysis

Before sending an email, you should test the email to check whether the layout and links are working properly or not so that it can be optimised before actually sending it. Most people now use their mobile phones to view emails, so make sure the email layout is responsive and streamline the buying process to suit mobile users. Data processing software is then needed to understand the open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates of your emails. This data will help you optimise the content and timing of your emails to get better results.


Email marketing is a great option during the summer sales period, but you need to have a detailed plan and understand the needs and preferences of your audience. Hope these tips can help you with your summer email marketing!


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