Marketing Methods and Gifts Suitable for Father’s Day 2023


It's Father's Day on 19 June, a day when we should show our appreciation to our fathers. Before Father's Day, website builders can improve their targeted marketing, both to make people feel great about their fathers and to boost their sales. To this end, we have provided some  Father's Day gift ideas and marketing methods  for website builders to consider.

Suitable marketing methods for Father's Day

1. Father's Day themed promotions

Ecommerce website builders can launch limited-time promotions to create a festive atmosphere and attract consumers to buy father-friendly gifts. In addition to promotions, website builders can also offer father-friendly gift sets and special packages for family gatherings, allowing consumers to purchase multiple gifts at once and gather together to celebrate this wonderful holiday on Father's Day.

2. Customised gift services

To meet the current demand for personalised gifts, website builders can offer a gift customisation service that allows consumers to design a unique gift of their choice. You can use SHOPLINE's product customisation service to create your own templates or use existing templates to sell customised items quickly. You can also include a beautiful Father's Day card in the gift packaging or introduce customised Father's Day cards to add an emotional expression to the gift and add a heartfelt touch between the consumer and their father.

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3. Email marketing

Emails can include discounts and customised services for Father's Day to promote purchases. It is also important to time your emails, preferably before Father's Day, to ensure that customers have enough time to choose their products. SHOPLINE helps your email marketing easily with Smartpush.

4. Social Media Marketing

On social media platforms, post blogs or videos about Father's Day and share gifts or recipes suitable for Father's Day. Launch interactive Father's Day-themed campaigns so that consumers can participate and show their appreciation for their fathers on this special day.

Suitable selections for Father's Day

1. Health monitoring devices

Health is a topic that stays with people throughout their lives, and fathers are certainly no exception. Blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, etc. will allow fathers to keep a better eye on their health.

2. Technology products

Pick up a popular technology product for your father, such as a Bluetooth headset or an electronic bracelet, so that he can have more convenience in his daily life and feel the charm of technology at the same time.

3. Daily necessities

Razors, perfumes, belts, wallets, watches, etc. These daily necessities can help your father to improve his sophistication and make his life more comfortable.

4. Outdoor items

Climbing and fishing are very attractive to fathers who enjoy outdoor sports, so hiking shoes and fishing rods are good choices for Father's Day gifts.

5. Travel packages or gift vouchers

Fathers can take part in travel activities to broaden his horizons and enjoy a rare moment of relaxation.

6. Gourmet gift box

Prepare a delicious gourmet gift box for your father so that he can taste the food and feel our care at the same time.

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